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Conscious Magazine and This Good World have boarded the T and are consciously making our way through Boston for our next Conscious City Guide.

It’s no secret that Boston is a city rich in history—perhaps the richest history of any city in the US. A lot of businesses and organizations are succeeding at adding a chapter to that history book. A chapter all about doing good for the world. So, whether you

  1. live in Boston and want to hit the sidewalk to the nearest good business,
  2. are in town and want to support a few places that care about the things you care about, or
  3. dig discovering stories of businesses committed to doing good things regardless of where they are, please check out these fine Boston-based companies.

Boston, MA

Let’s face it… mason jars are in. These glass jars have made a comeback over the last few years that would rival Jordan’s return to the NBA. Whether taking your coffee on the road or transporting your favorite soup or snack to work, Cuppow is making it easier and more convenient to bring grandma’s favorite canning jar with you wherever you go.

Cuppow lids fit snugly on top of mason jars of all shapes and sizes, making it easy to have your beverage and drink it, too. This environmentally aware company focuses on American-made, everyday products that can help individuals limit their eco-footprint. All Cuppow products are free of BPA, phthalates, and BPS.

As Cuppow has grown greatly in recent years, their focus on doing good things for others has not wavered. They donate 5% of their profits to like-minded organizations and domestic charities that focus on engaging people on environmental stewardship, recycling, and social awareness.

Boston, MA

Staying in true Made in America fashion… literally… our next conscious stop is Ball and Buck. Made in the USA clothing and accessories is at the heart of this Newbury Street (and online) retailer. One stop at their Boston Outfitters shop or perusal of their website will be more than enough to show you red, white and blue pride runs through their veins.

The Ball and Buck team speaks out heavily against labor exploitation in the fashion and clothing industry. They pay premium wages not just because they know it leads to premium products, but because they truly believe it’s the right thing to do. They also partner with fair manufacturing facilities on the East Coast right here in the good old US of A, meaning less travel from point of production to point of sale and limiting pollution on the environment.

Boston, MA

Ok, we’re sending a pattern here. We guess since it can be argued the USA was made in Boston, it makes sense that a ton of Boston businesses focus on Made in the USA. Another such business with a focus on American ingenuity is The Grommet.

The Grommet is a site and organization dedicated to launching products with a purpose. They have segments of their site dedicated to products Made in the USA (as mentioned above), natural and eco-friendly products, handcrafted/maker products, products with charitable or social missions, and much more. When you purchase from The Grommet, you can be sure your dollars are going to help serve the greater good.

Lowell, Cambridge & Salem, MA

Looking for a place to relax in between all this conscious spending? Look no further than Life Alive Urban Oasis and Café. Focused on rejuvenation and community gathering, these whole food, plant-based eateries are the perfect spots for grabbing a bite by yourself or meeting up with your friends or coworkers for some healthy, local grub.

Life Alive sources from small producers to do their part in helping the regional food industry thrive. All dishes and utensils are made from fully biodegradable corn and potato starch—no plastics to be found here.

Each location hosts regular community meetings and education sessions in order to promote improvements in local health, education, diversity, cultural expression, and economic development. Life Alive also pays their staff a true living wage and offers health and disability insurance to their workers.

Boston, MA

Speaking of Boston’s healthy food system, Boston Organics is another player making a delicious splash on the scene. Boston Organics provides access for Boston residents to fresh, organic produce to promote and support healthy living in a mindful and sustainable way that respects the environment, supports local farms, local businesses and fair-trade practices.

Their home and business delivery model was developed to not only get fresh, organic food into the mouths of consumers, but also with a mindful fuel approach. Their drivers follow the most efficient routes from A to B, shut off their vehicles whenever possible during deliveries and, weather permitting, use cargo bicycles to deliver fresh food and produce to locations close to their warehouse.

Boston, MA (as well 16 other cities)

Looking to get in shape after the holiday season? Or, better yet, just looking to make physical activity a larger part of your life? Think about joining up with the November Project. The November Project is a community of renegade fitness enthusiasts that brings community spirit, encouragement and fun to the world of fitness. The best part? Joining is 100% free.

Started in Boston in 2013 by a pair of buddies as a way to stay in shape during the cold New England winters, The November Project now has chapters in 17 cities in North America. It’s completely unsanctioned and completely spontaneous. City organizers tweet the location of fitness gatherings a few nights in advance and the November Project community shows up. A true flash mob for health. By joining, you’ll not only promote your own active and healthy lifestyle, you’ll be a part of encouraging others to do the same. (Boston chapter)

Thanks again for taking a few minutes to check out a few of these businesses and organizations in Boston! We’re just getting started in Beantown here at This Good World, but you can check out our growing list of Boston businesses doing good things at Cheers, good friends.

Photo: Shaun Menary

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