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Intentions create reality. The power of the words in your intentions can influence the energy linked to the desire and hence the effect on them.

It is important to consciously choose the correct words in communications, especially when setting up life objectives, affirmations for manifestation, intentions for personal improvement and giving feedback.

For intentions to work you must believe in them, hence the words must match the commitment to the intention, making sure you are not contradicting the energy you wish to convey with low vibrational words.

Here are a few words to avoid in the pursuit of success:

01 | TRY
Trying is not doing. The commitment to action is not strong in ´TRY´ hence you are off to failure.

Observe these two sentences:

  1. I will try and do my best to come to your party
  2. I will come to your party

A does not show any commitment and it´s not reassuring. B shows 100% commitment.
Tip: Avoid TRY. Substitute it with COMMIT, DO, WILL.

02 | GET
Getting is taking from people. With GET, you are expecting to have something every time you use the word. Manifestation is based on Gratitude and Giving.

Consider these two sentences:

  1. I will get that for you
  2. I will give that to you

A implies that that is being taken from somebody in order to give it. B does not imply anything; you will simply give it. B is more positive and has a stronger energetic charge.
Tip: Swap GET for GIVE always. It has a higher vibration.

03 | BUT
BUT denies everything that is said after it.

You know that when there is a BUT, there is a problem. There is always a pause after BUT… the listener goes into defensive and resisting mode.

Without BUT, the sentences are much more positive, inclusive rather than exclusive.

Let´s see two examples:

  1. I love you, but I won´t come with you
  2. I love you and I won´t come with you

In A, ´I love you´ has been used to manipulate, conveying conditional love. In B ´I love you´ has been used with compassion, expressing unconditional love.
Tip: Substitute BUT for AND for more inclusive and positive statements.

04 | WANT
WANTing has no end. Your eternal wanting will keep you hanging in there.

The commitment is not strong with want, for example:

  1. I want to learn Japanese
  2. I intend to learn Japanese
  3. I desire to learn Japanese
  4. I learn Japanese

The level of commitment increases from A to D: D is already doing it, even if there is no physical action yet. The present tense is the right way to create affirmations and intentions.
Tip: Avoid WANT when making your intentions for manifestation. Use DESIRE, INTEND, I + VERB instead.

05 | JUST
It conveys lack of confidence and insecurity.


  1. I just want to let you know that I may be a few minutes late
  2. I´m letting you know I will be a few minutes late

The meaning of JUST in A is irrelevant, it does not add positive value to the sentence, in fact the opposite is true. In B, the listener is informed of a fact, with no emotional charge and no diminishing the energy.
Tip: Remove JUST it doesn´t add meaning to the sentence.

Making these changes to your speech will elevate the consciousness of your writing, giving it more assertiveness and security. Communicating consciously is key to your success as a leader and in all aspects of your life. I invite you to start making these changes today and watch your universe expand.

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