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Do you know how prevalent suicide and suicidal thoughts are among teens? According to Crisis Text Line, created by, suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among young people (14-24 years old) and takes the lives of 4,600 adolescents each year.

Starting this conversation today is vital. Spreading a message of hope and empowerment is crucial. Becoming in tune to the signs of suicidal behavior is a responsibility we should all share as a community.

This means everything to the team at Meant 4 More Apparel, a company with a mission to empower teens with the truth–“you are meant for more”, hence bringing deeper meaning to their t-shirt collection. Their line of empowering tees was not only created to promote a powerful message, but it was in response to the tragedies that struck their local home base in Northern California.

In 2009, five teens, who did not know each other, committed suicide on the town’s railroad tracks. Each person had their own reason on why they took their own life. As you could imagine, this affected the community greatly and even parents reacted by taking shifts to guard the train tracks 24 hours per day.

But this local town story is just a tiny fraction of the tragedies happening around the United States.

With this realization, Primo Martinez, Founder and President of Meant 4 More and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) volunteer, decided to name his Youth Ministry, Meant 4 More. The name was to remind the youth that they have a purpose and are meant for great things in this life.

All of these events inspired the next natural step: Meant 4 More apparel, which also has a commitment to its community. As of date, their company has participated in the AFSP community walk in San Jose to raise funds and awareness for mental health issues.  They also donate 10% of their profits to organizations that make an impact in the lives of others such as the AFSP. Lastly, 100% of the profits from their newly released T-shirt design “I am meant 4 more” will be donated to the AFSP and other organizations like it.



Just by wearing the t-shirts with Meant 4 More written on it, Primo and his team members have been approached by teens who have said, I really needed to hear that today. Those powerful words were instrumental in helping countless teens turn their lives around.Meant4More-3Meant4More-2

While suicide can be a challenging conversation to have, we can’t let that stop us, in fact, we have to be bold enough to be the conversation starter and we can do so by supporting the message and story behind Meant 4 More.

Join Conscious and Meant 4 More as we set out to tell teens everywhere that they are valuable, purposeful, mean something to the world…that they are meant for more.

To get a true understanding of the meaning behind Meant 4 More and why four dedicated individuals are dedicating their lives to this mission, read in their own words…

The words Meant 4 More is a reminder that I can accomplish my goals and dreams and that life has value, meaning and that I matter. I personally have faced challenges and obstacles since childhood and that is why I want to encourage and remind others that they too have a purpose. –Maria Lovos, Vice President of Meant 4 More.

The words “Meant 4 More” is a reminder that I am meant for bigger and better things. To live my life to the fullest potential and share my talents with others. To make my impact in this life I am privileged to live. – Primo Martinez, President of Meant 4 More.

I was immediately intrigued by the concept of Meant 4 More. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, I understand better than most how heavy life can feel at times. The thought that I am “Meant 4 More” reassures me that I have what it takes to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown my way; it empowers me to pursue my goals and spread the message along the way. -Anna Magruder, Chief Graphic Designer at Meant 4 More.

I Am Meant4More are 5 very powerful words that anyone can find meaning in and relate to, they can speak to all kinds of different people and situations. These words say to me that I have purpose in this life, that I have an ability that I can use to give back to society, that I am useful. A large part of my adolescence into my early 20’s I felt lost I felt like I had already lost at life because I did not have everything planned out before graduation. That sense of failure only swelled up inside me as each year came and went. I had all this self hate brewing inside of me, keeping me down and not expanding my potential. With a slightly older, wiser eye I saw my purpose in that message. There is always time to expand your self worth and sometimes all it takes to ignite that feeling are 5 powerful words. -Kim Stroberg, CEO of Meant 4 More.

It’s your turn. Help change the conversation on self worth by sharing what “Meant 4 More” means to you.

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