Photo by Belder Boddah

Podcasts are an easy way to listen and learn as we go about doing our daily routines. As they have grown more and more popular in our culture, the choice for what we listen to is daily expanding.

We can easily opt for the most popular podcasts, or whatever our friends might be listening to, but for a bit of encouragement and some diversity speaking into our lives, the following are five picks for women-led podcasts.

01 | Business With Purpose
Hosted by Molly Stillman of the blog “Still Being Molly,” this weekly podcast features interviews with CEOs and founders of purpose-driven companies, NGO’s, and initiatives to have a fantastic impact in our everyday lives. Through hearing the stories of these incredible interviewees, Molly encourages her listeners to develop in their daily lives as they seek to improve the world around them. Despite the often intense and deep stories of those featured on the show, Molly manages to be a funny, compassionate, honest, and utterly lovable hostess at the same time.

02 | The “Clever Girls Know” Podcast
Bola of “Clever Girl Finance” uses her podcast to help women learn to manage their money successfully. By telling her story of getting out of debt and saving over $100,000 in only three and a half years, Bola engages listeners in ways to provide for themselves, their families, and save for the future. The podcast also features interviews with women who provide practical advice and encouragement. This podcast is fantastic for women seeking to pursue their financial dreams and live a life that has money managed.

03 | Thread the Future
Intent on striving towards a socially conscious world, Thread the Future is hosted by Bri of Triple Thread Co, focusing on meaning, success, and opportunity within a community and how we can use these to generate positive change. Learning from entrepreneurs and ethically driven people, listeners can be inspired to pursue their dreams in light of change. As Bri slows down on the podcast to nurture her new baby, now is the perfect chance to catch up on old episodes!

04 | The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
Featuring interviews with incredible women who are influencing and changing the face of authentic modern-day womanhood, The Happy Hour is a delight to listen to. While those featured on this podcast may have deep and intense lessons to teach the listener, every episode is met with fun and a light-hearted spirit. This is a podcast that will prove to leave the listener in a good mood and with the feeling of having spent an evening with a few good friends and a glass of wine.

05 | That Sounds Fun with Annie Downes
Here is a podcast that crosses the board with Annie’s amazing choices for guests that range from comedians to musicians to businessmen and women and everyone in between. Annie opens the door to their lives and allows them to blend their unique talents of teaching and entertaining, while ultimately just sharing about life in general. Another podcast to leave you in a good mood for the day, The Sound Fun will provide you with new mentors, no matter what your field or interests.

The best part about podcasts is that one always leads to another. While these women have provided something amazing for listening ears, there are countless others. However, if you are seeking to expand the voices of women speaking into your life, these five are an excellent start.

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