Photo: Emma Leehacker

Every day we are faced with little nuances that take us out of our joy and down into the oblivion of desperation and frustration. ´Why did this happen to me?!´, we may often wonder. And why not? We learn from challenges. Challenges help us reflect on the areas that need restoration. Challenges take us out of our comfort zone and teach us wonderful lessons when we choose to listen and to go through life with an open mind, an open heart and an open attitude hungry for feedback.

As life takes us by surprise sometimes with these little challenges, it is recommended to have a strategy for dealing with those situations that make us off center. Learning the emotional intelligence needed to deal with the stress that comes with them is also a good idea. When we deal consciously with our challenges by applying these strategies, the results may surprise you.

Here are three steps for dealing with daily challenges at work, in your life or in your business:

Let’s start with worrying–it is a waste of time. Worrying takes us into the future, but our challenges are in the present. The situation to deal with it is here and now! So how does worrying help? It doesn´t. When the feeling of worry creeps in, STOP! Then, take a deep breath, and another, and another. Be mindful of your worry and be aware of your thoughts. Stop and listen to the voice of worry.

Then be your coach and ask yourself: “Can I solve this challenge?”

Intuitively feel the answer. The first answer that comes is the always the correct one. Be attentive, the first answer is quick, soft and gentle, easy to be dismissed.

If the answer is no, then stop worrying and move on. What is the point of worrying if you cannot solve the problem? Maybe you want to keep asking yourself questions, such as: “Can anyone help me to solve this challenge?, Can the challenge be solved?, Am I meant to solve the challenge? Is it my purpose to solve this challenge?”. Depending on the importance of the challenge, you may wish to continue going more in-depth into finding the solution. As you breathe, this can be your meditation for the day.

If the answer is yes, then also stop worrying and move on. If you have the resources you need to solve this challenge, then why worry? Breathe. Stop the mind chatter. Keep breathing. Give your mind something to do, like meditation, that way you disconnect the mind from the problem.

Lastly, connect with your Soul and get back your calmness and inner peace where your challenge does not exist in the present moment. There are many ways of connecting with your Soul. The most simple way to connect with your Soul is by following the breath.

Next, you are now calm, connected with your soul who is wiser and more centered than your ego mind. From this space of connection with your heart and soul, from this state of peace and centeredness, ask for help–or just ask yourself, your heart, your mind, your superconscious. Just ask. Ask in meditation or in prayer or in contemplation, whatever works for you, that the best solution comes for this problem, ask for protection, ask for the best outcome, ask for the right people who can help you solve the challenge to come quick. Ask for the resources you need to even before you know you need them. Visualise it all happening and solving itself with ease and grace. Feel the sense of calmness and wonder and relief in your body and in your mind as you let go of any expectations.

Letting go is the key. Trust that it is done. Trust that everything will come to you. Trust that you will know. Breathe and let go a little bit more of any expectations.

Trusting that the challenge is resolved and that everything will come your way does not mean you sit down and watch it all happen.

The final step is to hold the vision of the challenge resolving itself to an optimum level. Hold the vision of how you want to feel, of the outcome you wish.

Breathing, calmed, centered, with the mindset of a winner, knowing the challenge is solved and knowing that all the support you have asked for is at your fingertips, empowered by the feeling of being supported and knowing that your challenge is sorted, go and take action.
Follow your intuition and do what your it tells you to do.

What is the one small step that you can take right now to start solving your challenge?. Start brainstorming. Use your intuition, and let yourself be guided out of the challenge. Your heart always knows the way and wants you to succeed, that is why your heart will help you when you listen to it. And keep breathing.

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