The reality is we are surrounded by negativity and lots of it—everything from tragic headlines, anger speech on social media, conflict with friends or family, challenges in the workplace, etc. It’s a culture and quite the exhausting one. If you want to create more positivity in your surroundings, it merely starts with you.

We challenge you to remove some words from your vocabulary or habits from your lifestyle for the next ten days. The goal here is to create a journey focused on gentleness, patience, restoration, peace, growth, unity and love. When you live in this kind of environment, it sets you up strong to continue building your dreams and accomplishing your goals.

01 | I Can’t
Are you selling yourself short by saying to yourself, I can’t do it or I’m afraid? If you’ve got goals and dreams, make the choice to do it. Do it scared if you have to. You got this!

02 | Respond Instead of React
We’re faced with challenges daily, the kind were emotions may run hight. Instead of reacting harshly to a difficult situation and getting all fired up, quiet your mind, take a beat, and find a way to respond with the focus on gentleness, patience, restoration, peace, growth mindset, unity and love. (I mentioned this above).

03 | Drop The Gossip
No one is immune to gossip, but truly, the best way to get through life is to mind your own business. Gossiping breaks trust in personal and professional relationships. Creating an environment that promotes unity and love leaves no room for gossip.

04 | Complaining
Can you put complaining to the side for a couple of days? Turn your complaints into reasons why you are grateful. After a few times of doing this, see how you feel!

05 | Criticism
Criticism is a threat to unity. Criticism presented in the way to make someone feel less worthy is destructive and hinders honesty and authenticity.

This is your challenge for the next 10 days. See how it goes and comment below on how it’s all going!