Take one landfill, 8 years of agricultural recycling and a born gift for a knack in fashion. Only Nostradamus could have seen this coming!

Landfill Dzine is born. With homegrown roots stemming from the small town charm that’s known worldwide for raisins, Selma, California has given rise to an era of eco fashion with Heather Carpenter, (Designer for Landfill Dzine) leading the way. Heather quotes, “In the world of growing design philosophy we make trends of sustainability. Our goal is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility.”

In my line of work every so often you come across a great story. Speaking with Heather about her vision and work brought me to share this story with you. I myself am a novice when it comes to the agricultural industry.   Learning more about how much recycling needs to be done in order to sustain the demand our population has, is enormous.

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Heather explains, “In the agricultural industry, lay flat irrigation hose is a huge problem because it cannot be recycled”. This is where Landfill Dzine begins.

Heather says, “Now we have turned “Trash into Trendy” with an Eco-friendly line of purses, flip-flops, belts and more, incorporating this lay flat material into each product.” Amazingly she also mentioned, “We currently have accepted millions of pounds of this material, which is processed on site.”

I asked, “So all of this has got to take time and cost money, why do it?” Confidently and almost sharply, Heather replies, “We believe there is a niche for customers to purchase products that are useful to them with the knowledge that they are also doing their part to keep the earth safe for future generations. We have been grateful to be able to do our part in recycling for years and now we can share a part of that feeling of gratitude to our customers.”

Landfill Dzine and the products they create from the byproduct of a demanding agricultural industry have already taken notice and orders from several retail stores in Fresno and the surrounding area. And they should because it’s not everyday you can purchase a product and know you just kept a non recyclable item out of a landfill, and even better….you did it with style!

Photo: Landfill Dzine

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