The time has come and we’re beyond excited!

Discover “CONSCIOUS DETAILS”, an exclusively curated, collaborative and limited collection for our community. We teamed up with TVP Market and Priyam Global this month to bring you style that communicates power, passion and the ability to change the conversation.

This month’s collaboration is just a start!

The Conscious Shop is a for-benefit marketplace of exclusively curated products that tell the story of hope, innovation and empowerment. We believe one of the biggest ways to make the world a better place starts with the consumer making conscious choices to support initiatives that assist others. Through a shared passion in these entrepreneurial endeavors we can establish a more equitable and beautiful society for all.

Our shop is a highly curated selection of products that speaks to the things we value: quality, craftsmanship and good design; promoting collaboration, sharing and social good.  All products are socially and aesthetically-minded, meaning we personally select everything sold on the site from cooperative-made products or an inspired story that supports a philanthropic cause.

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