This month, I was asked to participate in the Young & Able A-Z Series created by The Style Line. The purpose of this series is to highlight a new generation of designers, makers and creatives by giving them a platform to tell their story. Why called A-Z? As part of the series, Young & Able, a boutique featuring up and coming designers, invited 26 of their designers to give us a glimpse into their world.

As a lover of creativity, I jumped on the opportunity to help introduce some of these designers to you by styling some of their work for the series. I had the pleasure of featuring Bar Soap Brooklyn founded by KaKyung Cho, Housewares by Stéphane Hubert, and Miniature goods with Deme Ceramics. Here’s a little bit of their story, but you can read their full story on The Style Line.

KaKyung Cho, founder of Bar Soap Brooklyn, lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY and loves to come up with packaging design ideas for her line, check out happenings in her dynamic neighborhood, and volunteer for events such as New York Marathon or Northside Festival.

Stéphane Hubert is a furniture and house-wares designer and fabricator who born outside of Paris, grew up in the South of France, and now living and working in NY for the past 6 years.


Demetria Chappo, founder of Miniature goods with Deme Ceramics lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn a few blocks from her ceramic studio. She immerses herself in the vibrant, active, chaotic NYC, as well as spends time in an area along the waterfront in Red Hook that’s a little slower, quieter and still has a raw charm.


My hope is that you will celebrate these designers just like I have, along with The Style Line and Young & Able. Discover the entire series on The Style Line.

Photos by The Style Line