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Finding a stable job with a decent income can be difficult for someone who just started down their career path. Getting fired from that same job position mere months after starting can be devastating, especially for someone who worked hard to get employed in the first place. What are some of the most logical first steps after being let go after two months, and how can we make the most of our situation?

Hold Your Head High
Depending on the type of person you are, you are bound to experience certain feelings after being fired. For this analysis, let’s establish that Jane worked as a barista in her favorite coffee place and has been fired. Jane doesn’t have anywhere to turn for employment without digging deep, even though she has a degree in electronic engineering.

The best course of action in this situation is to keep your head tall without falling into depression. It’s easy to have a drink and indulge in self-loathing over what happened. Even if you are to blame for your predicament (by breaking company rules, offending someone, etc.), you still need to keep living your life.

Modify Your Resume
Even though you might have worked for only two months, these two months are still considered a working experience. Depending on how high you are aiming with your next job application, you may want to consider omitting this experience from the resume. Some employers will understand your predicament, while others might see your situation as a red flag and steer clear from hiring you.

Using the example of Jane, we can assume that she will apply for a job in her sector instead of opting for a coffee maker’s job. If she were let go due to her own mistakes, she wouldn’t mention this experience on her resume. However, if the employer harassed her and forcefully fired her, she will use the opportunity and play her cards right by including this knowledge.

Checking out top writing websites can also help with creating a strong resume at this point. Use this example to understand better what happened in your case and modify your resume according to your best judgment.

Don’t Wait Too Long
Applying for a new job shouldn’t take long. While what happened to you is devastating, it’s even more so if you don’t have money to pay for bills or groceries. Try finding a balance between applying for a respectable enough jobs and one that pays as much as you need for your living expenses.

The best way to cope with being fired is to get employed again as soon as possible and stay at home as little as possible. No one will hire you if you don’t apply for any positions, but you should also be careful about what companies you are considering. Some of them might have connections with your previous employer.

Such is the case with Jane, who now can’t apply for job positions at the coffee shop chain she previously worked for. The only thing she can do is filter out affiliate shops and firms before settling for the ones that are independent of her previous employer.

Try to distance yourself from your previous employer as much as possible, at least for the time being. They can hurt your next employment efforts if they notice that you are looking for somewhere to work.

Final Thoughts
It’s essential to consider the fact that you are not alone in this. Thousands of people get fired around the world for seemingly ridiculous reasons. While this doesn’t sound too comforting, it shows you that you are in no way guilty for what just happened to you. You are your own worst enemy once you get fired from a job, especially so early in your employment.

Make sure to start planning your next step as soon as you exit the building, because the more you wait, the harder it will be to find the strength to work. Your self-confidence will take a hit if you wait too long after being let go, so make sure to start looking for something new to do as soon as possible. This is the best medicine you can provide yourself with given what just happened to you.

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