Photo Provided By Dianna Bautista

We are coming full circle…we wanted to share a celebrated moment with you.

Conscious Magazine is currently at Rock Paper, a Hair Salon & Training Center devoted to elevating the role of women in society by providing education, guidance counseling, and job placement.

One of the reasons our founders wanted to get into the publishing industry was because of a bit of personal history (growing up in a salon with a coffee table full of female driven magazines meant to inspire a lifestyle that felt unattainable).

Now we come full circle where Conscious Magazine is sitting on the coffee table of this amazing salon where women can read about global initiatives, mission work, innovation, community development, and more so that they can be the pioneers of changing the conversation and read a magazine that says “believe in yourself – you have the potential to make a difference”

Thank you to all of our readers and supporters! We cannot build Conscious without you.