Photo by Stephanie Kauffman

It can feel somewhat counterintuitive – that is, to surrender. Life has raised us to be go-getters – and perhaps for good reason. The external world we are evolving alongside is changing faster than any generation would know what to do with it. Because the truth of the matter is this: we’re still not quite sure what to do with it.

In pursuit of an enriching and meaningful life ­– a pursuit with purpose – we find ourselves constantly on the go, both physically and mentally.

We find ourselves forever weighing options; considering infinite alternatives. Oh, the paradox of choice. Being ‘on’ is a default state of these modern days and due to its near permanency, we have lost a good part of our natural ability to relax – to let go, and to surrender.

With constant stimulation from social media, news outlets, and instant texts, calls, and messages, we struggle to escape ­– to come back into ourselves. But here rests the simple truth – the escape route out is to come back in. Back into the body and into the heart. By coming back into ourselves, we surrender our outward activities, just for a while. By way of this sweet and subtle surrender, we make space to rest and restore our overworked bodies and minds. In surrender, we catch up with the breath and find ourselves right here, smack dab, in the present moment. Everything is okay here.

Through conscious surrender, we let go of all those things we feel we need to get done and all those things we feel we need to figure out. For some conscious period of time, we simply let things come – we trust that everything will get done the way it’s meant to. Everything in its own time; in its own authentic way.

Surrender is not synonymous with passivity. We continue to dream, create, and manifest beautiful things of our highest potential; however, we come to find that through practicing that art of surrender more frequently ­– by letting go of the need to control – the things come.

They always do. By letting go of even just a handful of our urge to control, to rush, and to fix, we find that the truth is this: maybe we don’t always have to push so hard.

The power of surrender is this: you do not have to move mountains; you simply have to listen. You simply have to take slow and steady steps forward and let the universe do its half. By letting go, we leave space to let a little more flow naturally make its way in – and believe this; the universe has enough flow to go around.