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In most of our communications, we tend to use analysis to persuade others, despite substantial evidence indicating that people are more effectively affected by stories. When it comes to getting people to act, the most brilliant piece of big-picture analytical reasoning is no match for the detail-filled and well-told story. Storytelling is one of the keys of success in business, strengthening organizational culture, and boosting support for advocacy and campaigns.

Stories engage people in various ways – not just in their minds but also in their emotions, values and imaginations.

Here is an infographic to summarize the power of storytelling for social businesses:

The following case studies features 3 companies that excel in utilizing storytelling as their key tool of communication: 


Charity: water is a non-profit organization that provides clean and safe drinking water to the most underprivileged people in the world. They use storytelling to spread the word by encouraging customers to share their personal experience. Storytelling is also a platform to get their message across. The message is simple: to provide clean water to the most underprivileged people in the world but they use strong visual stories and text to bring awareness and to educate the customers.

The team at charity: water have placed a strong importance on storytelling. For their India campaign, they sent a 8 person team for 10 days to get stories and a month was spent on editing the page. Various stories were shared to capture different angles of impact. These stories connect people to the impact of their donations and motivated them to contribute more.


Logue.sg is a content creation studio that creates social dialogue through building strong narratives across different mediums. They help ideas take flight through emotive and credible storytelling and pushes boundaries of storytelling beyond a screen.

Creating strong narratives to build a social dialogue is a way of purposeful living by crafting media content with a spirit of discovery, while focusing on social issues and cultural trends that create awareness and inspire action.


Human is storytelling and strategy agency that creates media for social impact and their main aim is to design objective-driven stories that come to life through branding, video, and digital media. They help an array of organizations strengthen their commitment to elevating humanity.

They believe that the opportunity to improve the human condition through storytelling inspires them to create and innovate.

Stories have the power to influence and motivate people. It drives consumers to be a part of the bigger picture. Storytelling is one of the most compelling ways to connect as it connects people on different levels, be it emotionally or mentally. Storytelling also reflects the authenticity and transparency of a social business by informing consumers on the impact they’ve made for the cause that they are supporting. With storytelling, brands won’t be seen as merely selling products. Instead, the brands provide genuine connection between the consumer, the cause and the brand.

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