Photo by Josh Boston

The world is full of inspiring people, but there are two main obstacles to adding these people to your network: (1) How or where do you find them? (2) After you do find them, how can you confidently connect with them?

Wherever you are in your career path, building a powerful community eco-system and tapping into a support system is key, and that begins with building meaningful relationships. It requires stepping out of your comfort zone, and thankfully, the new app Shapr does the hard work for you.

Throughout history, influential people who have risen to their greatness have not done it alone. Just within technology, think of all the powerful partnerships that resulted in companies like Microsoft (Bill Gates & Paul Allen), Apple (Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak), Google (Larry Page & Sergey Brin), and more.

But sometimes the starting point looks bleak. Call it nerves or lack of direction, but networking can be incredibly overwhelming. If you’re a social entrepreneur wearing many hats, your time is precious. In addition, mixing and mingling for two hours can be anxiety inducing to several people.

Shapr offers a unique approach to networking. Shapr helps curate 10 relevant professionals in your area per day, and sends them right to your phone. It has an easy Tinder-like UX experience and matches you quickly with nearby like-minded individuals based on what you’re looking for. The swiping usability allows you to easily and anonymously accept or deny a match to make that professional connection.

Want to connect with fundraising experts, marketing geniuses, leaders in media, and more? You can! Shapr allows you to be strategic in creating a community eco-system and offers you a way to use your time impressively well. As you professionally match, try new spots to grab a coffee and explore your neighborhood with your matches. Make it part of your daily routine. Make it unique to you. Keep building! So what are you waiting for?

Download Shapr to start meeting inspiring people.

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