CmagazineFall2015Earlier this year, we released Issue 03, which initiated conversations to challenge us to think and act forward, to pursue a legacy in the service of others, to be the people who enrich our communities today, and to make a commitment to work harder now towards a future we all want to be a part of. We celebrated the release of this issue with a party at Shinola in Detroit and Warburg Realty’s Flagship in New York City.

Along with our new issue launch, we also established another international stockist in Australia: Eat Me Chutneys. More than just a typical stockist, they are setting out to bring back the quality of food preservation when consuming produce out of season and re-configuring food structure injustices. We’ve also just began working with a major distributor to be able to make our print issues more readily available to you throughout the United States.

In Los Angeles, we had the privilege of speaking at the ICON Summit to a talented group of YouTubers about how to build a brand differently and with a social mission. In New York City, through our first GIVE event, we learned about the needs of a few local organizations, and as a group, we worked together to offer ideas for marketing, PR, business development, partnerships and more.

After our return from break, we’re excited for the Fall and we’re looking forward to our partnership with the Media Rise conference. We also are continuing to locate and strengthen social good partnerships while hosting more local events to promote community. We are continuing to build the Conscious Foundation, as we’re working with a legal team to help us cross the t’s and dot the i’s on our necessary paperwork. We cannot wait to share more details of that aspect of CONSCIOUS, as soon as it becomes official! Lastly, we’re building an Advisory Board. Stay tuned on how you can apply this Fall.

So, during our Summer break – what can you do? You can continue to take action and be inspired by subscribing to get the most recent issue and the next one! Additionally, this will allow you to be the first to get invites to our exclusive upcoming events this Fall.

-Team C.