Photos by Ingrid Spielman

Startup Weekend, the Social Impact edition, held this Summer in New York City at the East Village WeWork headquarters, brought together those who are serious about taking their idea to the next level, but need some help doing so.  I really liked the official hashtag: #LetsDoGoodTogether. Yes!

A Startup Weekend brings together a community for people who want to “share ideas, form teams, and launch startups”. It is a place where coaches and mentors will talk to idea-makers about their market, their products, ideas, how to scale, etc, providing them the insight and advice needed to build their idea.

Andrew Young, a Startup Weekend facilitator, and Founder of Swill (check it out) kicked off the first evening with a testimonial of why he’s part of startup weekend. For him, the first Startup Weekend changed his life. He hated his 9-5 and he needed help to grow his business. Now he’s excited to be part of the startup weekend to discover other ideas that are starting and how he can be a part of it.

Check out Startup Weekend for yourself and get plugged into what new social impact ideas are popping up in New York City. Discover more about the July 2014 weekend over on Up Global.

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