Pri-1As a recent graduate, who studied Psychology with minors in Arabic and Public Relations, Priyanka Jaisinghani is now focused on creative projects within communities while helping to accelerate growth and success within companies. Through her work, she is creating good media about extraordinary stories of overcoming adversity and achieving success, which is important for all future generations. With the belief that education is the foundation for change, being a writer has given her the opportunity to venture out of her comfort zone and really dig deep to find what’s out there and who is changing the conversation.

01 | Tell us about yourself (college, current work, likes, downtime)
I graduated from Hofstra University with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minors in Arabic and Public Relations about a year ago. After graduation, I dove right into working with social good organizations focusing on creative projects within communities.

I’m constantly juggling multiple projects as I’m interested in many different focuses. I don’t want to ever limit myself to one specific calling or idea in life.  On a typical weekday, you’ll find me working with Audicus, a tech startup where we provide affordable hearing aids to those that need them. Like any other startup, I wear many hats and I’m involved in all aspects of accelerating company growth and success.

In my downtime, I host and co-host many philanthropic events ranging from summer movie screenings to pivotal women’s dinners. I’m striving to build a new community who challenge, support and inspire me. I’m taking on new activities that are in line with what I want to be doing and drive my passions 

02 | Tell us about what inspired Mustache Stories and why is the kind of media important for our future?
While I was trying to figure out where I wanted to be after college, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of incredible people while working at the Centre for Social Innovation. Though their paths were vastly different, they shared the same passion that led them to follow their own calling. 

From the world changers I met, I co-founded Mustache Stories, not to write ordinary stories, but to write extraordinary stories about people we met in the social good sector. Mustache Stories shares the paths that social entrepreneurs take to overcome adversities and achieve success. There is no ultimate path to success and if you have an idea—you can create something with it. 

This type of media is important for future generations, as there are too many people in the world who are not working towards something they love. By  showcasing those who follow their dreams, no matter how challenging, we hope to inspire a new generation of those traveling the path less taken. 

03 | As a person in media, what topics do you like to read about and write about?
Honestly, my reading digest covers everything from both extreme ends of the spectrum—everything from women empowerment, grass root innovators to the changing landscapes in both the Middle East and Asia. 

From everything that I have been reading and digesting, I’ve seen that most of these issues can be rooted down to Education and I choose to focus to write on that aspect. Education is the foundation for change and it is fundamentally essential to address varying issues (from homelessness, to terrorism to hunger), as it can connect individuals to resources, a new perspective and advance the conversation we’re having about them.

04 | In your opinion, what type of change do we need in Media? What solutions can you suggest to enact change?
Media has the power to influence and create change both positively and negatively by bringing complex issues to the surface of everyday life that affect both local and international platforms. 

While the media shines light on many complex issues, it does not illuminate how an average person can start changing the conversation. We are merely told about the information. We all need to take a step forward and use our voice for the better and to learn to influence it. We need to learn more than the what and get to the how. How can we leverage the information we are given and start seeking the solutions to tackle these issues?

05 | We’re excited that you will launch a column here on to talk about millennial life from gratitude to musical activism –why is this important to you?
There is a gap that we see in mainstream media on the type of issues that are published. There are plenty of hard hitting news articles, but there aren’t enough stories on issues that affect local communities and how everyday change-makers are taking strides to change the conversation. It is important to me to amplify their voices and showcase positive media and solutions journalism. Not sure what solutions journalism is? If you’re presented with a story that doesn’t give a how or a why, it’s supposed to leave you to draw your own conclusions. When it tells you what to do its not being biased anymore, the only thing it can really tell you and remain bipartisan is to open your eyes, that’s where you come in and other social do gooders. Does that make sense? People should watch the news, realize stuff is happening and make a change, but the news shouldn’t tell them to make a change it just has to tell the truth.

It’s also important to focus on what is working, but also what isn’t working in the community, and how we can raise awareness and discus how to effectively tackle prevalent problems. 

06 | Lastly, why is writing for Conscious Magazine important to you and your community of friends?
Writing gives me the opportunity to venture out of my comfort zone and really dig deep to find what’s out there and who is changing the conversation. There is so much power in the written word and I feel honored to use my voice to amplify important issues that affect my community. 

At the end of the day, this will act as a domino effect. As I use my voice, the dominos will start toppling and allow others to come forth and use their own voice. One person can, and has, made a difference but the collective impact is far greater. In this structured manner, we can achieve social change. Only then we can truly accelerate growth and foster authentic conversations within the communities, and learn from each other.

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