PeopleOverProfit-1As the Founder of Sevenly and never-ending entrepreneur, Dale Partridge is always sharing the knowledge he has gained from his extensive experience of starting businesses. His current project, StartupCamp, encourages and equips people to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

With the launch of his book, People Over Profit, we felt it was important to highlight why this book could be valuable to individuals at any point of their career or entrepreneurial pursuits. This book provides the perfect blueprint for creating a “people over profit” company or transforming your workplace into one. The business principles introduced challenge everyone to think differently about the bottom line, and every principle has been tried and proven by Sevenly’s existence and overwhelming success.

So, here are ten takeaways from the book:

  1. The world of business is changing – don’t get left behind.
  2. We are stuck in a vicious cycle, so take time to learn how to break free.
  3. Recognize the value of people.
  4. Understand why honesty is always the best policy.
  5. Learn how to be vulnerable and accessible.
  6. Realize everyone must stay true to who they are.
  7. Develop and maintain quality standards.
  8. Be generous without intention of getting something in return.
  9. Identify and overcome fear.
  10. Make “good” in every aspect of your life.

If anything above resonated with you and you desire to explore these takeaways in greater detail, then continue reading more with People Over Profit.

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