With the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, many are focused and concerned about how to put a stop to the spread of this disease and develop a vaccine. Although Ebola is currently in the forefront of news, there are also many other health issues being neglected at this time, specifically the neglected tropical diseases that plague the poor of the world today. They are called neglected since they are completely preventable with a simple packet of pills, however they are still widespread among the impoverished around the globe.

There is a good chance you’ve never heard of elephantiasis, hookworm, round worm, river blindness, trachoma, whip worm or snail fever, but you should considering they effect more than half a billion children in the developing world. These seven neglected tropical diseases induce suffering, disable and kill. One may wonder, why diseases that can be prevented are harming so many people. To see what these diseases do to people watch this video.

Although the medicine exists, these poorer regions do not have the resources to obtain the drugs necessary to halt the contraction of these diseases. They need help.

The END7 campaign is a charitable organization raising awareness and funds to end these seven diseases by 2020. Pharmaceutical companies are donating the pills for free, but the campaign is aimed at transporting the pills and setting up treatment stations so that towns can distribute the pills. What’s even more remarkable? It only costs fifty cents to save one child for one year from the devastation of these diseases. These diseases that keep kids from school and keep parents from work. These diseases that keep the poor in poverty. These diseases that can be stopped.

It seems ridiculous that preventable diseases are not being prevented, and that’s because it is ridiculous. If an end is possible, it should be achieved. Many tragic diseases and events are out of human control, however this one is not. I encourage you to learn more and donate by visiting end7.org.

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