O C T O B E R  U P D A T E

Fall is officially upon us, which brings excitement to everyone within Conscious, as we are geared and ready to launch our inaugural print issue! There are so many other reasons that we have to look forward to this month too.

October was the month scheduled for our incredible collaboration with Cause Placement via Entertaining Good, but the difficult decision had to be made to postpone this event until 2014. For more information on this decision, please check out their website.We look forward to their future event, as they continue to grow and assist those in the entertainment industry and many more to help others through partnering with causes and social good missions around the world.

Even though we were  disappointed that we’d have to wait until 2014 for such an amazing conference via Entertaining Good, we were able to discover another great partnership for collaboration in October that we are equally excited about. Conscious is going LIVE at The Feast Conference. You can read about how we will create ground shaking change! 

Also in October, we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with countless organizations to help raise awareness and make services more accessible. Every year, I feel that I learn something new about this disease that affects both women and men throughout the world. This year, I learned that breast cancer is the 2nd most common type of cancer within American women and is the 2nd leading cause of deaths related to cancer in women. This month, I encourage you to get involved, help spread awareness, and educate yourself and others via NBCAM.org. To show your support, tweet or instagram some PINK via #breastcancerawareness.

I love October because it is great to see so many people, organizations, and companies coming together (with the color pink) and showing support and encouragement for those affected by breast cancer. In general, support and encouragement is something that has been lost in today’s world, and we need more of it. Our society is so quickly becoming infatuated with ourself that we fail to see anyone else around us that might need some support or help. Everyone has times of struggle or challenge in their life, but it’s the community that can and should help them overcome and thrive. Can you imagine a world full of support and encouragement, rather than criticism and negativity? At Conscious, we attempt to encourage our team and the rest of the world to never doubt the simple fact that what you do can make a difference in someone else’s life, so don’t ever stop trying. Everyone should stay encouraged & focused on helping others, then just watch the world transform before your eyes!

It is because of the need that we continue to build a community of world changes, which is expanding every day. Garfield, our Director of Community, has done a great job of connecting with people, organizations, and companies wanting to help others and make a difference, as we can do so much more working together than apart. Online tweetups and exclusive in-person meet-ups are on the Conscious Community calendar, so if you are interested in joining a community of like-minded individuals, then please just let us know.

Finally, the news everyone has been waiting for: the inaugural print issue entitled The New York City Issue is less than a month away from launching. Sales will open in a few short weeks, but you still have the opportunity to subscribe to the wait list to be notified first! This is definitely an advantage you want to take because there will be limited print copies available. For those more interested in a digital version, this will also be available. After seeing the initial designs and stories, I know you will be inspired!

Live Conscious,

Jon Lechliter
CEO of Conscious Magazine