Conscious is going LIVE at this years’ Feast Conference on October 16-18. Get Ready For Ground Shaking Change!

If you haven’t heard of The Feast yet, then get ready! The Feast is a new kind of conference.  For five years, The Feast has been bringing together the most remarkable entrepreneurs, radicals, doers and thinkers from cross-disciplinary fields to learn, connect, and most importantly, to discuss innovative solutions to today’s toughest societal challenges.

The two and a half day event is packed with engaging presentations, case studies, workshops, live music performances and more.  The final day is dedicated to tackling official challenges amidst an amphitheater of 50+ intimate roundtables.  It concludes with an epic literal “Feast” celebration with local food and drinks as the finale for The Feast Worldwide dinner party – a movement of thousands around the world “breaking bread” in a global evening of collaborative problem solving.

Similar to The Feast, Conscious understands that a conversation is much more than a conversation.  A conversation can be the fuel that ignites a fire.  We strive to keep important conversations going, to build a community around innovative thinkers and doers, and to connect people with real stories that have real impact.

We understand that not everyone can attend this event which is why we are going LIVE to bring our readers behind-the-scenes updates, highlights, photos and speaker interviews.  To stay connected follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Can’t follow live? Then visit our blog where we’ll be sharing a Daily Round-Up recapping all of the share-worthy moments of the conference.

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What to expect at the Feast? | Each year, The Feast partners with leading institutions to present their greatest opportunity for the world to respond to. They work closely with their partners to craft official Challenges which represent opportunities for the company and world at large to innovate around.  These Challenges serve as overarching themes that are integrated into every part of the conference. The focus this year is on Learning, Health and Veterans.

Speaker Line-Up | This years line-up includes Robin Chase – Founder of Zipcar, Joe Gebbia – Co-Founder of Airbnb, Stephen Friedman of MTV, John Health – Senior Vice President of Innovation of Chobani, Rachael Chong – CEO & Founder of Catchafire, Brand Montague – Creator of Kid President. For a full list of speakers click here.

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There are many ways you can get involved and join the conversation.  You can follow #ConsiousLive, watch the conference via Livestream, or host your own

The Feast Worldwide Dinner Party on October 18, 2013 at 7pm (local time).  It’s simple, just pick a location, invite your friends, pick your question/challenge, plan your dinner, dig in and share your answers. You will be one of thousands around the globe coming together to ask one simple question with the intention of igniting a fire that leads to solutions.

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