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Our editors are sporting Krochet Kids intl. headwear and getting behind their #KnowWhoMadeIt campaign

There are many faces of the conscious fashion movement, and one of those is Krochet Kids intl. 

So many of us shop for clothes without ever really paying attention to who made those clothes, but we’re moving away from that thanks to the pioneers of conscious fashion. Why are so many people and brands caring about this? Well,  where we spend our dollars really matter. And, with the recent rise of  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs from even our seasoned big clothing companies, the movement towards buying good is in full swing. Ladies and gentlemen, the paradigm shift that many of us have been hoping for / fighting for has arrived.

There are many faces of the conscious fashion movement, and one of those is Krochet Kids intl. who we consider one of the pioneers. While many of us would have a hard time answering who actually made our clothes, KKI has established an impressive program where every product made is hand-signed by the person who made it. What else comes with that signature? A beautiful and real story of the person who made it – this makes what we’re wearing so much more meaningful.

This month, KKI has kicked off the #KnowWhoMadeIt campaign as a way to celebrate what it really means to touch the life of someone else simply by knowing who made our clothes. Today KKI serves over 185 women and their families who are empowered by empowering others. Krochet Kids intl. knows that this message is important and wants to spread the word to as many people through the #KnowWhoMAdeIt campaign, which has a dedicated website that shares a collection of stories and testimonies from the women and families behind the KKI designs. It’s simply some of the most inspiring reads – don’t miss it.

#KnowWhoMadeIt from Krochet Kids intl. on Vimeo.

Join our editors by getting behind this beautiful mission.