If you are reading this, you are invited to Jessica La-Rotta’s Host in the City!

Conscious caught up with Jessica LaRotta, co-founder of Elite Style Events, to talk about female entrepreneurship, conscious culture, and Claudia Chan’s S.H.E. Summit Week.  Jessica LaRotta has over 15 years of event planning experience with a portfolio that includes corporate and celebrity clients. This June, Jessica is participating in S.H.E. Summit Week by hosting “Host in the City,” a summer mixer with top women entrepreneurs of NYC and a presentation on summer entertaining tips and trends, including “Conscious inspired tips!” Jessica kindly took a few minutes to share some insight with our readers.

Jesscia, why are you participating in S.H.E. Summit Week?

Before I started my business I could not do it without the support of other women entrepreneurs. And so, what better way to celebrate my success than sharing fabulous party tips with my fellow women entrepreneurs. I also believe that it is important to collaborate with other female entrepreneurs for not only their support, but to align our brands to help each other grow, expose, move forward, share ideas, connect, build sisterhood, and form business and personal relationships.

Jessica, since you are the expert, can you share 5 tips for the everyday girl who wants to host a fabulous party?

01 | Keep it simple:
Hosting a party should be fun and not stressful. Keep it simple by having some small bites, 1-2 types of cocktails, wine or beer.  Don’t overwhelm yourself if something seems too involved, instead just cross it off your list because your friends won’t even know the difference.

02 | Create an ambiance with your theme:
Whatever theme you decide to go with create the ambiance to set the mood. Step up the decor so your friends don’t feel like they’re just going to your house,  make them feel like they are going to an oasis.

03 |  Tie in your favorite cause #consciousculture:
Host a party with a purpose, instead of having your friends do a BYOB have them donate the money they were going to use for the bottle and put it towards a charity/cause you believe in.

04 | Have a good time:
Being a host can mean being dreaded with daunting tasks of setting up, picking up during the party, and cleaning up. Make life easier and ask for help. If you have a budget you can allocate to hiring staff, do it!! Believe me it’ll make life so much easier. If not, don’t be afraid to ask your friends or family for help. Also, make sure to politely ask your guests to pick up after themselves. Just remember, in the midst of all that make sure you are having a good time. The purpose of the party was to have a good time so make sure you do!!

05 | Create an icebreaker:
Icebreakers are not only fun but bring your guests closer to one another. You may have friends who do not know each other or friends who haven’t had a chance to further connect with someone. Creating a fun icebreaker for your guests will allow them to have fun.  As well, it will create an awesome synergy at your party and between your guests by allowing them to feel better connected with one another.

About Elite Style Events
Elite Styles Events is a full-service event planning and design company based in New York City run by Jessica La-Rotta and Kathiya Zelasco. The moment they brought their creative and conceptual energies together, they knew they had the ability to make any event captivating, inspiring, and unforgettable.  With over 15 years of experience in the industry, they have been able to orchestrate successful events for their clients most important moments of their lives. From this incredible bond, they have pushed this highly sought-after company to new heights and horizons.

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