H E L L O  L A D I E S  /  D I S C O V E R  I T
This week, the style editors were greeted with a lovely note from the team at iSanctuary. What they had to say inspired us to check out their collection “we feel your readers will love hearing about our jewelry and mission to serve survivors of human trafficking.” iSantuary, you are right. Our readers are the most amazing people in the world because they care anxiously.

To celebrate the mission of iSanctuary, we selected 4 must-haves from their collection, but only one piece gets named our “favorite conscious buy”, the Aztec Brass Earrings.  Here’s what you need to know first – these earrings are handmade by survivors of human trafficking. We applause this kind of fashion at its finest.  Second, these earrings will edge up the simplest of outfits so that when you hit the streets you’ll channel that rockstar feel, but you’ll also connect with your style on a deeper level as it represents restoration, dream building, and a mission to end human trafficking. #consciousstyle

If you like these, let our style editors know with #consciousstyle tweeting!

01 | Aztec Brass Earrings, $20

02 | Eye of the Tiger Necklace, $25

03 | Beautiful Classic Necklace, $40

04 | Billows of Gold Earrings, $15

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