Some might think that because it’s the holiday season, it’s time to help others. Some might think because it’s right before the end of the fiscal year, that it’s time to give those donations for tax breaks. Whatever your thinking, it’s always time to help others. However, I felt the need to point out that with our current resources connecting us to those in need gives us absolutely no excuse but to help others this day (and every day). At our very fingertips (online and via mobile platforms), we can help those in need via GoFundMe at any time, any place.

Since 2010, they have raised over $570 million to help support various campaigns. Success stories include supporting a wrongly convicted man (recently freed from prison), helping the victim of the cat-caller stabbing in San Francisco, providing assistance for Natalie Dubose’s business, and many more. GoFundMe also affirms the fact that people in this world are willing, looking, and able to help their fellow man. People who do not even know these individuals facing hardship are willing to give what they can to help, which is what Conscious is all about – using what you have to make a difference for others.

So, as a Conscious Community – now is the time to help others, and Jeanann’s story about a devastating fire taking everything from her family presents a perfect chance for you to start to make a difference by utilizing the GoFundMe platform:

Family Fund by Jeanann Massa
The day after Thanksgiving my parents have lost their home, I have lost my home, they have lost everything. My parents are doing well, and so are my brothers and that’s all that matters. We lost all our pets and my family is having a hard time just processing this situation. Many people have asked me if there is anything they could do to let them know so I’m setting this up. I’m going to leave this open for a little longer, because many people have stated they still want to give. The love and support my family has received during this horrific time has brought me to tears. Thank you all. Read Full Story Here

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