With the right inspiration, music has the ability to come alive and reach people in a powerful and unique way. And that is exactly what OneRepublic had in mind with their song “Feel Again,” inspired by the actual heartbeats of children in need around the world.

American rock band OneRepublic teamed up with Save The Children for a campaign called Every Beat Matters, with the goal of ending preventable child deaths. OneRepublic used the recordings of actual heartbeats from children around the world as inspiration for the first single off of their new album, Native. The hand-clapping and percussion featured in “Feel Again” is uplifting and powerful as it mirrors the sound of a heartbeat, accompanying optimistic lyrics about feeling alive again after a time of struggle.

OneRepublic, a band known for their catchy pop songs such as “All The Right Moves” and “Good Life,” was truly looking to make a difference and cause a reaction with their approach to “Feel Again.” In an interview about the Every Beat Matters campaign, they acknowledge the greater purpose of their song: “the opportunity to be the voices for these children, basically yelling at the world, ‘let’s fix this!’”

“Feel Again” is more than just a call to action for people to become aware and help prevent child deaths. The song itself also gives back – a portion of the proceeds from song sales are donated to the Every Beat Matters campaign to support training frontline health workers around the world. OneRepublic has used their partnership with Save The Children not only to promote a good cause, but to use inspiration from children’s hearts to reach the hearts of their listeners.

Save The Children

Save the Children is the leading independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of children in need in the United States and around the world.

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