D E S I G N E R   D I S C O V E R E D
The elegance that garments by ELSA AND ME are inspired by founder, Maja Svensson’s Grandma Elsa.

Maja Svensson, founder and designer of Elsa & Me understands what every career-driven New York City woman needs  when it comes to her fashion – the perfect dress that can go from 9-5 to the chic cocktail party seamlessly.

Guess who’s wearing Elsa & Me in their new campaign? Me! Yes, I am an Elsa & Me woman. Elsa & Me reflects the elegance of a woman with a keen attention to conscious design. Produced in New York City with organic cotton fabric, ELSA is committed to a sustainable approach. Read more.

Conscious caught up Elsa & Me to talk fashion, women, and conscious style.

Rachael Baxter: What inspired the Elsa & Me Collection?
Maja Svensson: The inspiration for ELSA AND ME is my grandma Elsa, who has always had a very elegant and classic style. Her generation’s overall better care of resources, like garments, heavily influence ELSA AND ME as well.

RB: What type of women wear Elsa & Me?
MS: The ELSA dress is primarily for the woman professional looking for a dress to wear at work that can be easily transitioned for play. With the ELSA dress, we want to give the alternative to dress conservative, yet stylish AND feminine at work.

RB: Tell us why sustainability is important to you as a designer?
MS:I believe it is important to think sustainable in everything we do. We want to sustain our relationships, and we want to sustain our surroundings; included in that package is our environment and ultimately our time on earth as humans. I want my actions to show I take responsibility for something I’ve decided to create, and that’s why it is important to think sustainable to me as a designer and business owner. With ELSA AND ME, we use organic cotton fabric to the extent possible for the dresses. They are produced locally in New York, and the designs are made to last through trends and season, which are parameters I believe help sustain the clothing industry.

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