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NEW YORK CITY – July 25, 2013 – Cultures of Love Launches at One Art Space With Charity Event for Autism and Premiere of Socially Responsible Short Film.

There is something amazing about being surrounded by innovative people with a common passion for conscious living and awareness! About 80+ guests mingled while listening to music by Hardy Indiigo. A true highlight was the premiere of the first completely socially responsible short film (#Live2Love) featuring many of the sponsors present at the event. There was a tangible and excited buzz as people made professional connections and participated in discussions that could link an unsuspecting member of the Y Generation to causes much larger than themselves. A portion of the proceeds from the night went to Spectrum Designs. Spectrum Designs is the first fashion screen printer and promotional manufacturer in the USA that trains and employs teens and adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

The night’s contributions included art exhibitions and live showings by Aimee Kestenberg Handbags, Seth Aylmer’s Tribeca Animal Totem, Levi’s Jeans, Conscious Magazine, Design Industry 5, Empowered by YOU, Eva Shaw Designs, BLENDERS Eyewear, Marcella Leone for Cultures of Love, Yamerra Beauty Products and many more. Each exhibit highlighted the theme of love and social consciousness by inviting those present to share how they impact the world and what force drives them daily. Conscious Magazine set up a chalkboard #walloflove, inviting guests to write how they will make a change.

Cultures of Love made history with the premiere of #LIVE2LOVE. This short film, now available on their website, communicates through fantasy and reality how customers can in fact give back and be stylish without sacrificing their trendsetting dignity. Anyone can be charitable by making conscious purchase decisions while simultaneously doing something for those less fortunate. Cultures of Love provides customers with an opportunity to make a fashion statement while being an advocate for social change. Essentially their products are designed for you, the ‘trendsetter with the Heart of Gold’.

Cultures of Love is a socially conscious fashion ecommerce. They created a great way to combine fashion and philanthropy backed by 5 socially responsible causes and promises to their customers. The 5 causes guarantee that each product encompasses one of more of the following traits: made in America, eco friendly, fair trade, buy 1 give 1, and makes charitable donations.

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