Health care professionals and essential workers are showing up on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic—risking their health every day to help other people. Crisis Text Line introduces “For the Frontlines”.

During our COVID-19 pandemic world crisis, our health care professionals are getting the job done by providing and protecting people at their very worse while risking their own health. And people working in essential businesses leave their families and homes to put our families first.

How can we provide love, care, and support to those who are willing to put others before themselves?

Crisis Text Line launched For The Frontlines to let frontline workers know that Crisis Text Line is here to support them through the anxiety, stress, fear, isolation, or other difficult emotions they may be experiencing. Frontline workers need fast, free, confidential, crisis counseling at their fingertips, 24/7.

Crisis Text Line is here to help the helpers, and here are four ways you can help too:

01 | Reach out to frontline workers.
Let them know that by texting FRONTLINE to 741741, they can be connected with a trained Crisis Counselor.

02 | Spread the word.
Use the Crisis Text Line Toolkit to share in your community and online.

03 | Take convos.
As a trained Crisis Counselor, you can support help the helpers. Review the COVID-19 tipsheet in the Toolbox on the Platform.

04 | Flatten the curve.
By practicing physical distance and staying healthy, we can all be part of slowing the spread of infection. They go to work to protect us. We need to stay home for them.

We’re all in this together.

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