beauty12Conscious Magazine is off to Haiti next week to serve alongside the organization, i’m ME

Through our media work, we’ve been able to learn about many incredible organizations, which have instilled joy and passion into our hearts! We truly see how committed you are to your causes and we share that determination with you.

For this month, we decided to take a deeper look into the orphan cycle and we discovered that 80% of orphaned children have a mother or father alive somewhere, but the parents are just unable to provide for their children. This led us to i’m ME, a nonprofit focused on job creation, education, and family preservation, which truly is a unique perspective on the evident orphan crisis (with over 160 million orphans worldwide).

Instead of just addressing the obvious symptom, i’m ME is focused on addressing the root of problem – Ending the Orphan Cycle through family.

We are excited to spend next week with i’m ME in Haiti to learn even more and help to end the orphan cycle! Follow our journey on instagram (@cmagazine).

-Team C.