We set out on the Conscious Magazine journey years ago to improve the media narrative by lowering the volume of sensational media and raising the amount of inspirational media leading us to our mission: empower people everywhere to change the conversation.

Today we believe in the kind of media that is going to inspire people to find their strength and use their knowledge to launch ideas and conversations for good as we believe great moments are born from acknowledging and acting upon opportunity.

The evolution of Conscious Magazine, believe it or not, has excitingly surprised us. We were just one of a few changing the conversation in our social media corner, and then we watched this spur into a beautiful movement where, on the daily, we see rising voices confidently sharing where the impact is happening and where help is needed. From NYC to New Zealand, the need to invite real conversations into media and our social media is permeating across cultural lines.

2017 was yet another extraordinary year of launching what we call victorious media. We developed many great partnerships, traveled, and found copies of our magazine in stores from here in the states to the UK. Here are some of the top highlights from 2017!

First, we need to recognize that we have subscribers all throughout North America and gained subscribers in new places like Japan, Colombia, New Zealand, Philippines, Norway and 20+ more place. We’re blown away, we’re grateful, and more than ever, we’re excited to keep building! What was also exciting in 2017 is we distributed over 1000 magazines to various conferences and collaborative partnerships, diving into new communities including:

Planet Forward
Gram For A Cause
Fashion Revolution Panel hosted by Thr3efold
Luxe Photo Shoot
Thr3efold Release Party
Startup Weekend
Know The Origin
The Others Shop
And more!

Beyond these incredible partnerships, Conscious Magazine went on quite the adventure.

We celebrated the release of Issue 05 alongside New York City’s social good community at Birch Coffee’s flagship location on 27th and Madison Avenue. Created to be intimate, the event ignited conversations around the latest edition themed: Global Goals. As the Conscious Founders shared in their welcoming speech,

“This edition was inspired by the UN Foundation’s aspirational mission to transform our world through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, and that is because it came with a promise—a promise to save millions by ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, addressing climate change and more, by the year 2030.”

Just as spring began, we were the proud partner of the first-ever World Perspective Day created by 100 Cameras. We even celebrated this momentous occasion in bright lights in Times Square! It was a day of recognizing the powerfully diverse perspectives around the globe that unite humanity and what it means to be human, together.

During the spring, we joined a new community of students, scientists, communicators, innovators, policymakers and more to inspire action at the Planet Forward Summit in DC. We had the pleasure of leading a panel on makes an effective environmental story Sustainability and science need storytellers now more than ever. What made the Planet Forward Summit so incredible was its dedication to bridging science and storytelling. We were impressed by the caliber of intelligence and passion poured into urban sustainability, food access education, environmental protection, smart growth and more.

Also during the spring, to celebrate Fashion Revolution Day, we joined a phenomenal line-up of panelists, organized by Jessica Kelly, Founder of Thr3efold, for a conversation on changing the fashion industry for good by discussing social enterprise models such as one-for-one giving to focused economic development through employment and more.

During the same season we joined a group of journalists in Italy to learn more about Cesare Ragazzi in Bologna who are dedicated to restoring confidence and changing lives for cancer patients, burn victims and women and men with trichotillomania.

Just before Summer hit, we took a life-changing trip to Israel alongside Socality, a movement that harnesses community among creatives, as well as Israel Collective an organization that is committed to bringing the experience of Israel to young people.

We toured the holy land to not only discover the vast history of this small but proud country but also to take part in its traditions and rich culture. Socality and Israel Collective brought together 29 social influencers, photographers, entrepreneurs, media leaders, and creatives on this great adventure. As we hiked Ein Avdat, camped in the Negev Desert, explored Jerusalem, partook in Shabbat and more, we realized the power of community. We arrived as strangers but left as close friends. This experience has given us an even greater appreciation for our Conscious Community.

To kick off the summer and dedicate those long summer days to movement and staying active, we teamed up with The Pack Outdoor in New York for their first-ever Wellness Day with Coach Sebastian Fitness and Health Coach Alaina. It was a day dedicated to fitness, nutrition, connection, and community. Summer ended with a much needed Conscious break purposed to reflect and prepare for the new season ahead.

FALL 2017.
We dove into the Fall and early Winter by teaming up with our Issue 06 collaborators including Wunderkid Art, To Write Love on Her Arms, Bring Change 2 Mind, I’ll Go First, and many more amazing leaders, to produce the up-and-coming issue on Mental Health, which is set to release this January!

All of these exciting 2017 moments came about because we acknowledged and acted upon the opportunities in front of us. We can’t wait to discover what will happen 2018! Discover alongside us by joining a growing community of global leaders, changemakers, journalists and more. Become a member today!

Thank you for being on this incredible journey. Let’s continue raising up and sharing inspirational media.

-Team C.