They say that Cincy is for dreamers, and we could not agree more! We were overwhelmed with the incredible response from the Cincinnati community in joining us to celebrate Conscious Issue 04, our Powerful Voices edition. We felt so honored to be a part of a community that came from all over Ohio and Kentucky, with guests commuting all the way from Columbus, OH and Louisville, KY. For our first time in the Queen City, we were welcomed with open arms, and everyone was extremely hospitable and ready to party.

If we had to summarize the evening into one theme, it was an inspiring showcase of the Cincy community coming together. Even the event space was an example of this, as The Frock is a collaboration between Honey EventsLinger Flowers, and Lyell Photography. The incredible combination of businesses resulted in an incredible event graced with beautiful locally grown flowers with everything being captured by the lens of Stephanie Lyell. The amazingly appetizing food was provided with gorgeous presentation and styling by Nourish, but it did not stop there. Nourish brought along Dulce, which added some scrumptious and delightful cupcakes to the tables of food.

The amazing atmosphere, delicious food, and new friends we made from this release party can be seen on Facebook and through the #CONSCIOUSIssue04 tag on Instagram.

This night was so special to us because of so many people. We want to express our utmost gratitude to The FrockHoney Events, Linger FlowersLyell PhotographyNourishDulce and Abigail Driscoll of Freestate (and curator of the Cincinnati Matters feature in Issue 04) for creating such an amazing experience for us!

More About Our Sponsors
The Frock is a collaborative studio space by Honey Events, Linger Flowers, and Lyell Photography. When walking into this space, it had incredible character with a vintage feel with modern touches. It was such a versatile space with a stage, large open areas and even a bar for serving guests.

Linger Flowers is run by floral designer, Nikki Shenk. They provide locally grown flowers, which are so stunning that they look unreal. If you don’t believe us, just check out our event photos or their Instagram. Nikki is showcasing the beauty of Cincinnati through her flowers, and it is an amazing sight to see!

Honey Events is comprised of three Cincinnati-based stylists who can help out with just about anything! They can help you plan parties, style photo shoots, or offer creative direction. They created Honey to be an outlet for their collective creative spirits, which has blossomed into a really good time.

Lyell Photography seeks to capture elements through high quality, artistic photographs that will last a lifetime. It is easy to see that this lofty goal is being accomplished with several timeless photos on display at The Frock. Stephanie’s photography provides everyone with a lasting memory of the special moments throughout your life.

Nourish provides small batch catering and styling by Megan White. Initially, it seems that no one wanted to disrupt the beautiful display of food provided, but once people started taking the food, they could not stop! Everything provided by Nourish looked and tasted so good.

Dulce by Millie Proctor, debuted their catering services at our event, which is such an honor to be included on. Without a doubt, we can say that the debut was an immense success, as the cupcakes were delicious. These cupcakes were simply unforgettable, and we kept going back for more throughout the night!

Freestate is changing the conversation around consumerism. Founded by Abigail Driscoll, they seek to make the ethical shopping experience easier, faster, and more accessible for the average consumer. They are encouraging consumers to think more about where products come from, and they dream of a world where we can all live, play, love, and shop freely.