Jan_InstaPostWe’re back!

We hope you enjoyed the holidays and started 2016 off in an amazing way. As we jump into the new year, our “resolution” is to build a stronger community across the world to continue evolving the conscious lifestyle and creating a big splash in the world of media! With your help already we’ve reached people in 20+ countries with a simple call to action to: “change the conversation“. We believe that when we begin to have honest conversations about what’s happening from local efforts to solving global problems, we’re better equipped to create change—and change is needed.

For 2016, we’re committed to delivering more powerful stories by bringing you more educational pieces from across the globe, introducing to you the latest innovative ideas for social good, while also opening up about being social entrepreneurs/changemakers… because as you know, the road is not always so easily traveled.

During our holiday break, our team worked hard on getting Issue 04 ready, which is due out in early February. Track the process with us on snapchat: ConsciousMag.

Above all, what we value most is the Conscious Community. We’ve got an army of passionate, creative, smart, and talented people who are building their legacy everyday through cause work. Because we’ve been so fortunate to be connected to such unique individuals, we want to rally those connections for you too. As you think about your own 2016 goals, we hope getting plugged into our community is one of them!

If you want to get more involved by joining forces with us, below are few ways to do so:

01 | Conscious Community + Subscription
In order to get plugged in, we encourage you to sign-up for our Annual Membership that gets you print and digital issues, access to changemakers and leaders, special invites from Team C., and more. Join today!
Bonus: The first 20 people to join in 2016 get our Conscious x Priyam Hope Bracelet!

02 | Conscious Tour
Set to kick off in late Spring, our Team would like to meet as many people as possible from readers to influencers in big companies. We’re all in this together, and therefore, we’re always on the lookout for advice and resources to further extend our desire to build the Conscious Community across all industries.

03 | Collaborations
The sky’s the limit! We’ve got a few ideas in the works for a few special collaborative projects like our “Conscious Details” line, YouTube, social media and more. Stay tuned!

04 | Conscious Hosting
There is strength in numbers, and if we’re going to see real change, we need to act together. We want to encourage you to host your own conversations because there is a lot to talk about! Ask yourself—what are you passionate about? What do you want to see change? And then…discuss. Host a party, coffee date, round table, volunteer day and more. To be a bit more transparent, when we first had the idea to start Conscious Magazine, it was after being inspired by something that we had learned of. This lead us to share about it with our friends, which eventually we build it into something. And the rest is our Conscious Story!

If this is something you would like to do, download our Conscious Hosting sheet. We want to hear your ideas too!

Happy New Year,
Elena, Rachael and Team C.