Dreaming-1As a social entrepreneur, I can relate to some of the hardships experienced by those in the process of building a dream, living the dream, paying for the dream… oh, and on top of all of that dealing with real life. There’s a certain point where the dream building overpowers everything else and leads to burnouts, regrets, and (dare I say it) feeling miserable, which only summarizes the emotional challenges. One may also find themselves sacrificing health by not exercising, eating well or not fully enjoying life in the moment because of feeling guilty about not fulfilling that “to-do” list. This is a 25% (or less) you. This kind of you is not good for you or anyone. This conversation is important to us at Conscious because we recognize those challenges some of you are facing, and while you are striving to fix problems locally and globally, you may now be finding that you need to fix you.

One does not have to conduct a study to figure out the problems we’re all facing. If you turn to the person next to you, strike up a conversation, and show the person you are listening and are genuine, then more than likely the person will begin to reveal what’s really going on in their lives. What’s really going on tells their story and helps you realize that you might be going through something similar too.

What have I heard recently?  “I am experiencing high levels of anxiety, lack of sleep, or nights with interrupted sleep, heart palpitations, worrying about future plans, not feeling good enough, worrying about meeting the demands of others, etc.” I also appreciate how Jerry Colonna sheds a light on this topic, “entrepreneurs are prone to depression because of their understandable tendency to see business as an extension of themselves—like an artist seeing their work as an expression of their innermost being.” (Jerry Colonna is currently a life coach, and formerly, a venture capitalist in New York City who played a prominent part in the early development of Silicon Alley.)

What is one to do? Turn to the web for answers? Usually, that’s what we do as we’re all so independent. That brings me to my next point—with all of the information at our fingertips, how-tos, tips, and countless sites giving you the “answers,” I personally find myself being more confused with the conflicting messages or incompetent because I can’t achieve the “all too perfect” expectations being set with online lists.

From one friend to another, I’m tossing the “all too perfect” lists and breaking it down like this:

01 | Keep It Simple
Take a step back and express your difficulties to your friends and family, which should be followed by just listening (maybe even unplugging from technology for a period of time). It’s likely that one or more of your friends or family members have gone through a similar situation that they managed to overcome. They have the answers and the real life situation to prove it.

02 | Learn Where You Need To Set Boundaries
Start by changing one thing in your life and going from there. You can’t change everything at once, but one item at a time can be more effective and encouraging, as you can see the progress before your eyes.

03 | Take Time To Celebrate Moments In Life
We cannot work hard without recognizing those special moments as they truly inspire us to keep going 100% strong!

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