What happens when you grow up loving wood-working classes but your professional career leads you elsewhere?

You start a company that combines Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-approved wood, laser cutting, and philanthropy to make unique wood products.

UK-based CARVD was started by two friends, Ben and Col, who share a love of high-quality wood products and want to make them accessible “to the people.” By highlighting talented young designers, many of which are students, and the natural beauty of wood, the CARVD founders help customers discover new and interesting products.


The Designers: 1 Stanley Chow | 2 Ben Gross |  3 Lindsey Vigurs | 4  Sarah Cowan | 5  Col Skinner

Not only does CARVD introduce customers to talented artists, they also work to source the best quality wood from the closest local wood mill in the UK. To ensure that it comes from countries that have strict environmental controls, they source the wood responsibly. Co-Founder, Col, says that when sourcing the wood, it “was a real challenge as a business. We were turned down from a lot of potential businesses who said it just wasn’t possible.” Eventually, after testing wood from a mill based in Valencia, Spain, they realized they wanted to use a local supplier and ultimately settled on a mill located in Somerset.

Part of the unique nature of CARVD products is the quasi- “one-for-one” campaign that is built into all of their products. For every 10  products that are sold, CARVD plants one tree in the Caledonian Forest, helping restore the forest in Scotland’s Highlands. To date, they’ve planted 10 trees.

The company is young, but they have a lot of growing left to do. To purchase their unique products and to help restore a historic forest, head here.

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