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Vanya is a Professional Leadership Coach, certified by the "Institute For Professional Excellence In Coaching" (IPEC). Prior to her coach certification, she graduated "Sofia University" with a B.S. in History of Philosophy, where she began her journey to study the human experience and the powerful role of the mindset in changing behavior and achieving success. Her entrepreneurial nature and innate drive for personal and professional growth, balanced with a deep connection to purpose have led her to work with leaders, entrepreneurs, and founders. Based in NYC, today she helps her clients to optimize their leadership potential, gain perspective, improve their productivity and time management skills and define the bigger vision for themselves and their business. She has been previously featured at Addicted2Success, Medium, Thrive Global and other publications. To find out more about her work, visit and check out her podcast "The Coaching Journal".
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5 Ways To Effectively Reduce Overwhelm As A Busy Entrepreneur
6 years ago

5 Ways To Effectively Reduce Overwhelm As A Busy Entrepreneur

What a great brunch buffet and an entrepreneur To-Do list have in common? I know what you think- perhaps nothing! As an entrepreneur myself I can tell you that I …
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