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Maggie Cupit, Marketing and Fundraising Intern, is a medical student at Mayo Medical School in Rochester, MN, where she is Class Representative. She graduated summa cum laude from Rhodes College in 2014, receiving her Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry and minoring in Religious Studies. During college, Maggie completed a two-year research fellowship at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, studying stem cell and cord blood oncology and antimalarial therapeutics. Maggie also collaborated with palliative care physicians to publish a review on end of life in hospital settings for pediatric patients. Maggie received the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Young Volunteer Award for her work as a speaker at fundraisers for the organization; she has spoken to dozens of groups across the country to raise awareness and support for children with cancer and life-threatening illnesses. In addition to scientific journals, Maggie is a published author and poet. She is pursuing a career in pediatric hematology/oncology and is currently involved in various research projects in the field. Maggie is most passionate about giving children the opportunity to enjoy life.
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Alma Sana: Vaccine Bracelets For Mothers In Developing Countries
8 years ago

Alma Sana: Vaccine Bracelets For Mothers In Developing Countries

Though I am a medical student, until I began an internship earlier this summer, I did not realize just how much I have always taken vaccines for granted. I have …
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