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Joe LaForte is no stranger to fast balls. As a former switch-hitting catcher for the Seattle Mariners-turned-finance professional, the Director of Sales at Par Funding is one of the most determined and hard-working innovators in the small business finance industry. Today, with more than 20 years of professional experience, Joseph is one of the small business industry’s most distinguished and accomplished leaders. Since 2013, he has led Par Funding to unprecedented growth—through tumultuous market shifts and dynamic industry changes—and played an integral role in the company helping more than 15,000 small & mid-sized businesses access working capital when it matters most. During his six-year tenure at Par Funding, Joseph LaForte has introduced new technology at the corporate level, incorporated community assets to aid small businesses in achieving top-level service and financial stability, expanded product offerings and opportunities, and stabilized current offerings to create higher levels of financial stability and customer service.
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Here’s Why You Never Give Up on Creating an Innovative Culture
4 years ago

Here’s Why You Never Give Up on Creating an Innovative Culture

If you are an entrepreneur, then you understand the importance of forward and creative thinking. While money is always essential in the corporate world, smart entrepreneurs know that they should …
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