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Ava Darnell is the founder of Slumlove Sweater Company, an ethically-made clothing line that provides stylish and quality products for men and women. Darnell started Slumlove Sweater Company as a way to combine two great passions in her life; fashion and Africa. She spent several years working as the creative director for a non-profit organization in Kibera, one of the world's largest slums located in Kenya. It was during this time she was introduced to a group of women who knit sweaters for school children in Kibera, and she partnered with these women to create Slumlove's first sweater collection in 2012. Since then, the company has rapidly expanded, introducing new products and designs. The mission of Slumlove is to employ women living in Kenya, paying them fair wages, and using a percent of the sales profits to provide high school scholarships for children living in the slum of Kibera. Darnell's favorite part of her job is getting to work alongside talented women in Africa, utilizing their gifts to help provide a better life for their families. She travels back and forth to Kenya from her home in Austin, Texas, where she loves spending quality time with her family and indulging in lot of Mexican food.
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How To Go From Idea To Reality When Creating a Socially Good Company
5 years ago

How To Go From Idea To Reality When Creating a Socially Good Company

A “socially good” company is a label we are seeing and hearing a lot of right now. It’s a concept that merges everyday business practices with a responsibility to value …
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