Photo by Jessica Overholt

Your idea is solid. You may already have a website, product or service, customers or even revenue. You’re still in the startup phase, and you’re ready for the next step.

An incubator or accelerator could be it. Although many remain focused on supporting traditional startups, a new trend has emerged with programs designed specifically for impact ventures and social entrepreneurs. Here are eight to consider.

01 | Fledge
Fledge helps social entrepreneurs take their ideas and prototype-stage companies to reality. They look for founders with the potential to make change on a planetary-scale, but also companies that will improve a single city.
10 weeks // Seattle, WA USA or Lima, Peru //

02 | Wayfare
Wayfare’s Launch Program applies key startup principles to build a comprehensive business model for the startup’s product, service, or program. Participants attend weekly work sessions, dinners, and events. They look for founders who are on a path to change the world and are ready to develop a comprehensive business model.
20 weeks // Orange County, CA USA //

03 | Praxis Business Accelerator
Praxis is comprised of three main events across the country focused on intentional conversations and relationship building. They look for leaders who are serious about creating cultural and social impact through their venture.
8 months // Online + three events in varied US cities //

04 | SoPact
SoPact is focused on financial sustainability and leadership for social ventures, helping participants create a well-defined MVP. They look for entrepreneurs working to solve social, cultural or environmental needs in society.
3 months // Lund, Sweden //

05 | Propeller
Propeller’s Growth Accelerator helps participants work towards scaling their impact, raising investments, and increasing revenues, customers, and contracts. They look for for-profit, non-profit, and hybrid models working in water management, food access, health, and educational equity.
4 months // New Orleans, LA USA //

06 | Blue Ridge Labs’ Catalyst
The Catalyst program is designed to help young social ventures navigate the challenges of their early years. They look for social entrepreneurs who currently deliver a product or service to low-income New Yorkers and use technology as a key part of their solution.
6 months // Brooklyn, NY USA //

07 | Starting Bloc
StartingBloc brings together social innovators from across the world for workshops that hone leadership skills and view work from different perspectives. They look for founders with enthusiasm for using social innovation as a tool for solving the world’s toughest problems.
5 days // varied US cities //

08 | Unreasonable Institute
Unreasonable Institute’s accelerators unite entrepreneurs with the potential to address major problems at scale. They look for entrepreneurs who are committed to social and environmental impact and are in idea-to-early-stage in development.
5 days // varied worldwide cities //

Just as every social entrepreneur is unique, so too are the programs that help them succeed. They’re united by the goal of creating a better world by equipping and empowering social entrepreneurs. If this is your next step, I hope you find a good fit on this list.

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