Instead of letting what we can't control - control us, let's turn the energy into practicing staying calm.

Photo by Nachelle Nocom

Summer is here and what better way to reset then to reclaim your calm. We’ve all been witness to the many stresses and upsets these past few months. Instead of letting what we can’t control – control us, let’s turn the energy into practicing staying calm.

01 | Nourish Your Body With Wellness Gifts
For example, hydrate delightfully, engage in activities that bring you joy, appreciate the day during sunrise or sunset, and literally, bask in the sun, daily.

02 | Give Yourself Self-Compassion
When we venture out to do something bold, or champion a skill, or build a relationship, we sometimes fall short. Instead of coming down on yourself harshly, give yourself kindness, compassion, love and light.

03 | Limit Your Screen Time
Our phone and computer usage have no doubt increased during these pandemic times. Instead, create a new remedy (and here comes my motto) “more nature, less screen time”. Limit your phone to a few hours per day, and try “Phoneless Sundays!”

04 | Know Your Triggers
We’ve all experienced it before—the racing heartbeat and body temperature rise, especially when something bothers us. These are the triggers that affect you physically. Next time, get ahead of those triggers. How, by taking time to make a list of everything that brings you into this negative state. Write them down, give feelings, words, and meaning to them, and commit to becoming more aware of them.

05 | Feel Then Fight
If you’re facing difficult times, for example, perhaps experiencing anxiety, stress, and unrest, give yourself room to feel and reflect. If you journal, write it all down. When you lay out all of your feelings and actually face them—then you have the foundation you need to create a fight strategy—the fight that will help you climb out of that rut.

This is the summer of strong! COVID impacted all of us and greatly tested our leadership and strength. But, we’re on the lion’s path now. Let’s keep moving forward and ease into each day by reclaiming our calm.

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