One factor that sets top achievers apart from everyone else is their ability to pursue what their minds set out to do.

Photo by Cam Lee

Our minds are our greatest strength unleashing the power to focus and achieve. But most of us don’t apply our untapped potential because we lack focus. 

Whether we’re navigating life during or post COVID, or concentrated on schooling, career, or fitness, the one factor that sets top achievers apart from everyone else, is their ability to pursue specifically what their mind sets out to do, which requires a level of disciplined focus.

Disciplined focus is the art of honoring yourself to achieve the benefits of life you are free to receive. A disciplined lifestyle means applying a particular flow of choices that keep you in alignment with your goals.

Here are 5 tips for becoming highly focused:

01 | Fall in Love with Routines
The way highly focused people look at discipline is through the lens of routine. While the word “routine” could be a turn off for some individuals, it is actually more of a flow of behaviors that ease you into the next set of actions, which leads you to an effortless day. 

02 | Eliminate Distractions
We all know distractions are inevitable, but we also know we have the power to avoid them. Why, because we have choices! Stop the competition that is vying for your attention. It could be clutter, social media, texting, overthinking—you fill in the blank. Just say, no!

03 | Embrace Procrastination
One of the many setbacks halting achievement is an unhealthy relationship with procrastination. For some, waiting until the last minute is the electric jolt needed to get the job done; unfortunately, it comes with stress and pressure. Instead of fighting all of the mental blocks, use procrastination to your advantage by accomplishing other projects, especially ones that may benefit you in the long run. Hey, you’re still productive!

04 | Have a Relationship with Inspiration
Think about the individuals in your life that empower you to build your dream. Their accomplishments are stunning, and you know their achievements fell on the backs of hard work. Tell yourself that if you want to participate in their league, you need to do the job. If you’re struggling with focus, put your attention on those who inspire you. Think about their drive, their discipline, their feats, and mirror their insatiable appetite for success.

05 | Love Yourself
I mean this. When you honor yourself, respect yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself – you’re not going to let anything seize your path to greatness. If you’re genuine about becoming highly focused, a requirement for achieving your goals, then engage in your let’s go attitude. 

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