Photo by Brenton Clarke

The path of human growth and innovation is quite simply, astonishing.  Even in the midst of survival, individuals sought meaning and found ways to improve life for their families, communities and future generations.

For centuries, curiosity about the world and ourselves has moved the torch of transformation and evolution forward. Today, this torch is sparked by a rising self-awareness that is penetrating the core of advancement within us and reveals the greater answers about the human experience.

Self-reflection is key—and when you look in the right places—the most important truths appear.

The following questions are keys to opening unlocked doors which offer a full spectrum of who you are and what you’re really capable of.

These are the questions that unlock the door to a greater life.

Who Am I?
Self-discovery is about getting on the right track. When you connect with the core of your identity, you’ll start approaching your life according to your deepest purpose. It’s a higher mind-body connection that keeps you plugged into your truth. You will amaze yourself when you see and feel who you are underneath the pain, insecurity, uncertainty and fear that bogs you down throughout life.

What Do I Believe?
This isn’t about religious or spiritual leaning. It’s about your perspective on every single thing that crosses your path and mind. How you see yourself and the world is based on what you believe the most. What do you believe about how to become successful or what it means to be happy? What do you believe it means to be good, moral, smart, compassionate or loving? These beliefs are sown into the fabric of who you are and drive your decisions, relationships, behaviors and overall quality of life. When you become more greatly connected to your deepest beliefs, you’ll be able to clearly see which ones empower you and which ones slow you down. The good news is—you have the power to transform your beliefs so they always serve your purpose!

Where Do My Feelings Come From?
Everyone knows what sadness, joy, fear or shock feels like. But where you feel these emotions in your body and what triggers these feelings are completely different for every single person on Earth. Next time you experience a sudden change in emotion—whether good or bad—stop, pay attention to your body and where that emotion presents itself physically. Is it in your stomach, head, shoulders, eyes, feet or somewhere else? By starting to physically feel your emotions, you lay the groundwork for understanding the core creator of your thoughts, decisions, and behaviors that drive the quality of your life.

What Are My Greatest Personal Challenges?
We’ve all experienced trials and triumphs in life. Some challenges seem to return no matter how hard we try to overcome them. Why is this? The truth is, there is a specific reason for these bad habits, struggles and pains that continue to rear their ugly head despite our best intentions. But first, you have to take the time to isolate and think about these repetitious problems. What happens to you in these moments? What do you feel and where in your body do you feel it? Re-living these set-backs will bring you closer to its true source and begin to break you free of its grasp—forever.

‘Why’ is the most important question we can ask about our health and happiness. When we stop thinking in terms of cures and treatments and start thinking in terms of cause—we start getting to the real root source of human struggle and pain and ultimately, dismantle it. With these heavy roadblocks out of the way the path is cleared and quickened towards your greater purpose—and there is no better feeling than that!

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