DigitalNomadThe modern dream is increasingly no longer money, but meaning. In a world where the standard 9 to 5 (or longer) is a grind and people spend lunch hours dreaming of the next destination, there is a growing number of modern day nomads who are crafting a life that combines work and play. How do they do it?

Digital nomads are entrepreneurs, designers, writers, artists, developers  people, with wanderlust. They are people who have managed to become location-independent by harnessing widespread interconnectivity to make their living online.To some it may seem like a care-free life, but in actuality, it’s an extremely conscious, deliberate and dedicated decision that requires great discipline to get the work done. You have to become ruthlessly independent and cope with the counter side of freedom  a blank canvas. Making the right decisions can become a daunting task. We talked to Militza Maury, a digital nomad who runs an eco-lifestyle website called Little Green Dot about how she is working towards having  the freedom, resources and opportunities to choose where she and her family live and work.

Without a regular office to go to, you lack those personal interactions that can be so important to growth. Find experts, coaches or mentors that you can learn from, or workshops that you can attend, so you can feel challenged, inspired and can continue growing in the right direction.

In any business, there’s the urgent, busy work that needs to be done. But to see real growth, make time for things that are important, but not urgent. It might be reading and researching, taking care of your well being, spending time with friends and family, learning new things, even breaking up the day with walks or bike rides… that’s where you’ll find your inspiration, ideas and creativity.

Without set hours and fixed expectations, it’s easy to get lost in your day. Engage in specific morning routines to keep your mind focused and feeling positive. It keeps you from floating and helps to anchor your day.

Acknowledge the open door, seize opportunities and keep making marks on your blank canvas on every journey you make. Give yourself an opportunity to grow, be independent, and experience a different kind of life every time you move. Designing a life you love is hard work. But if you don’t do it for yourself, who will?

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