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The 21st century has taken photography by storm. Between camera apps, and the need for visual stimulation 24/7, people can snap photos, edit and share them with the world in seconds. While disposable cameras and dark rooms may be a thing of the past, we can universally agree that there is an emotional satisfaction tapered to the creation of a beautiful and memorable photograph. And with selfies and filter savvy photogs on the rise, it seems as though the artist value of photography is getting lost in translation. However, the organization 100cameras, is taking full advantage of the beauty and power that this art form offers, to teach kids to share their perspectives and turn their stories into products. 100% of sales empower kids to create change in their communities. 50% funds local, tangible needs, and 50% funds ongoing project and production costs. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jonathan Hart has said, “This model that we stumbled upon, 100cameras, provides the most priceless resource, hope.” These children are becoming the storytellers that inspire change within their home, and inspiring change within their community. The organizations most recent projects include 004:India and 005:Baltimore.

The young storytellers are extraordinarily resilient and hopeful about the future

In July 2013, 100cameras partnered with Baltimore Community College’s, Refugee Youth Project located in Baltimore, Maryland. About 35 to 40% of refugees resettled in the U.S. are children. Baltimore is among the American cities with the largest refugee communities and has an estimated 5,000 refugees in one three-mile radius alone. Based on the unique situations they have encountered prior to resettling, these youth face challenges including learning English, stereotyping and bullying, navigating new educational systems, and overcoming vast cultural differences.  While these kids are at high risk, they are also extraordinarily resilient and hopeful about the future. See the photo gallery for Project005 hereMeet the photographers.

In 2012, 100cameras journeyed to India to join forces with the Russ Foundation. The Russ Foundation brings vital changes to the Madurai District in southern India through a children’s home, community health services, and AIDS prevention and care. 100cameras had the honor to teach their photojournalism course to 15 children at the Russ Children’s Home. The home is located on farmland located just outside Madurai city. Evidenced by the children’s photographs, it is a nurturing environment filled with animals and gardens where the 26 children who live there can interact with nature. See the collection curated by Visual Supply Co (VSCO) hereMeet the photographers.

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Purchase a kid’s photograph, and 100% of your purchase will directly serve them and their community. Half of the funds raised support ongoing project implementation, and half is used to provide medicine for 700+ children and access to mobile medical care for 2500+ community members through the services provided by the Russ Foundation’s Community Health and HIV Care and Support Programs.

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