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There is something therapeutic, calming, and satisfying about cleaning and tidying a space, whether it’s a closet, the sink full of dishes, or stacks of papers getting organized into file folders. With summer approaching, it’s understandable that cleaning and tidying might be the very last thing on your mind when there are beaches, lakes, and BBQs waiting. But your physical space has such a significant impact on your mental state of mind and mood that approaching the summer with a clear, present, and focused mind would be worth taking the time to refresh your physical space. Refreshing your space can also help reboot your creative juices.

Tips or refreshing your physical space

01 | Bring in more green
Studies have shown that having plants and greenery in your space can contribute to feeling calmer and less stressed. Green also symbolizes energy and new beginnings, which is precisely what we want to take into a new season. Add some houseplants to your home space and workspace, and enjoy the benefits!

02 | Choose Natural Light
If you have been working from home the past year, try moving your desk facing a window so you can have natural light while you’re working. Or, if you work in an office, try opening the blinds or replacing your desk lamp’s lightbulb with full-spectrum lightbulbs that imitate daylight. Having a well-lit workspace will help to make you feel more awake as well as reducing eyestrain.

03 | Surround yourself with inspiration/things you love
Do you have favorite postcards from your travels? Vintage vinyl or photographs? Magazine spreads or quotes that inspire you? Put them on the wall! Whether it’s art that you made or something that inspires and motivates you, a visual representation in your home or office space will bring new energy into your environment for the summer season.

04 | Seek Comfort
We learned so many things in 2020, but as we all spent so much more time indoors and at home, we learned how much our physical environment and surroundings impacted our mood. While style preferences are essential, so are comfort and function. Do you regularly sit in a chair that makes your back stiff? Maybe it’s time to invest in a better chair with more back support.

05 | Get rid of paper clutter.
Do you have to-do lists, notes, agendas, and mail that collect into various piles around your home? I know I do. As you make your summer fun/vacation plans take a weekend or even just an afternoon to throw away some of the paper clutter on your desk or throughout your home.

06 | Update your textiles
Swapping out your rugs, curtains, pillow covers, or bedding is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into space, as well as low commitment for trying a bold new color or design that might be a little bit more outside of your comfort zone.

Marie Kondo (author of the life-changing magic of tidying up) has a signature phrase she refers to when we review our possessions and home space, and that is “spark joy.” She believes the possessions we own should spark joy, and we think that space, where you live and work, should spark joy as well. So we hope these tips for refreshing your space bring new life and energy into your home and workspaces this summer.

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