Pamela Hawley, CEO and Founder of Universal Giving has a vision ingrained deep within her and ambition behind it driving her to help people on a global scale. She has realized her full potential and is using it with the focus of making money as the last thing on her mind.

Pamela grew up in a very loving, supportive and stable household and always thought that everyone else was fortunate enough to have what she had. The first time she saw people in suffering was when she was on a family vacation at the age of twelve in Mexico and saw children that were begging her and her father for food. The sight devastated and astounded her, it was forever in her heart and mind and she knew she had to grow up to help in a big way. After graduating from Duke and getting a job in the PR, journalism and broadcast world she struggled to find something inspiring. Pamela says she “literally did not think she could survive unless she was able to do something meaningful with her life and career”.

The answer to her prayers was founding UniversalGiving, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization founded in 2002 that strives to “create a world where giving and volunteering are a natural part of everyday life”. Universal Giving “is an award winning website” that provides people with the information and opportunity needed to donate to or volunteer with organizations all over the world. Since 2002, UniversalGiving has contributed 1 million hours of volunteer work, and has generated $20.2 million of volunteer hours, calculated according to the official per-hour average volunteer value statistic. The donations raised were mostly micro donations from $10 to $25 at a time from different individuals, showing that every donation counts and adds up. Pamela wants people to realize that if you have the opportunity to give or volunteer you have the accountability to do so, to help those less fortunate then you in one way or another.

Pamela’s hopes for the future of UniversalGiving is to show people how a world of peace begins with a world of trust at home and in the business world and once you build trust and love in your small circles you can begin to help the world on a larger scale.

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