socialgoodroundup_sep16-1It’s been a busy month for social good in New York City. This past week NYC hosted Impact 2030 and now this weekend (9/18-9/19), Mashable’s Social Good Summit. Both conferences are purposed to bring people from around the world together under a common goal: to end injustices by the year 2030. Their hashtags (#2030NOW and #Impact2030) are involving the Twitter community in the conversation. Discover more of Social Good around the world in this week’s Social Good Weekly Roundup article.

International Social Good Conference Hosted in NYC
“What type of world do I want to live in by the year 2030?” The Social Good Summit, which starts September 18th, hopes to answer this question. The two-day conference (trending as #2030NOW on Twitter) looks at the impact of technology and social media on international social good works. Speakers have come from around the world to New York City, offering their experience in a variety of professions. (Big names include Vice President Joe Biden and singer-songwriter Demi Lovato.) The conference offers almost 55 sessions which cover everything from sustainable food to the World Cup to LGBT rights.

Sound like something you’d like to attend? While the conference is sold out, you can follow Mashable’s Social Good on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, all of last year’s sessions are available on their website. Visit SGS for more information.

Multimedia Resource Champions Social Good
On September 8th, MicroEdge + blackbaud released the two-part podcast entitled “Social Impact & Impact Investing,” hosted by Jamie Serino. The podcast is the first in the company’s new series, “Champions for Social Good Podcast,” and is available on both their site and Soundcloud. Serino takes 30 minutes to interview Zecki Dossal, the Senior Vice President of Gerson Lehrman Group and a founding member of the GLG Social Impact. Dossal covers GLG’s decision to branch out into the social sector and the challenges they’ve faced.

MicroEdge + blackbaud’s future podcasts plan to focus on philanthropy, volunteering, and development goals, among other things. To read more: 3BL Media

Everytable Brings Affordable Health Foods to LA
To Sam Polk and David Foster, healthy foods should be a human right. But in places like South Los Angeles, healthy food isn’t affordable or even available. And that’s where their restaurant Everytable steps up. With ready-to-go boxes and prices averaging at $4, Everytable competes with fast food restaurants but offers fresh food usually lacking in the “food desert.” How do they keep their prices so low? Polk and Foster point to their unique business model: the prices of their foods vary depending on the community the restaurant is based in. They use local ingredients, experienced chefs, and to-go packaging to keep the process efficient and cheap. Everytable currently has one location in South LA with another under construction in DTLA. For more information:

United Nations Host Inaugural Impact Conference
“On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders committed to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality injustice. Fix climate change.” And so Impact 2030 was formed. (Source: Impact 2030)

Almost a year later, Impact 2030’s partners and leading United Nations representatives met at an inaugural conference in New York City. The three-day conference from September 14th to 16th was invitation only and hosted by the UN. It focused on their sustainable development goals (which include gender equality, zero hunger, and clean water), with day two specifically for planning action towards those ends.

Miss out on an invitation? Impact 2030 invites stakeholders from the private sector to join them as a partner and get involved in future events. For more information, visit: Impact 2030

CCA Creates Consultancy for Philanthropist Companies
The Creative Artists Agency (CAA) branched out again this week with the creation of their newest strategic consultancy: Foundation, also known as CAA Social Impact. The company, led by Aubree Curtis and Judee Ann, aims to advise individuals and companies on philanthropy and social responsibility. Their slogan (“using pop culture to create social good”) recognizes the importance of social media as an impact tool.

This isn’t CAA’s first project to emphasize social responsibility: Delta Air Lines’ program “Delta’s Force For Global Good,” which came out 8 years ago, also focused on corporate philanthropy. Other companies to work with CAA include Chipotle, Best Buy, and GM. Foundations shifts CAA’s influence from only market consulting into a much broader field of social good. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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