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When we find a way of contributing to this world that aligns with who we are – and when we find the courage to pursue it ­– it often feels as though the last pieces of the jigsaw that is our life are finally being pieced together.

There is a new lightness in our being that finally feels like we have found what we are meant to be doing – that feels we have finally discovered our true passion and purpose.

However, even once we have found a way of being and working that nourishes us on a deeper level, other challenges are bound to arise. Stepping into an entrepreneurial role, for instance, can spark new feelings of anxiety, heightened stress under the pressure to find new clients and other rising fears of what it means to be our own boss. No matter what path we are pursuing, and no matter how closely it aligns with the core of who we believe ourselves to be, we are not exempt from feelings of overwhelm. Even when we have found work we love, it is crucial that we make time to self-care.

01 | Take a Day-Off
It might appear to be a given, but when we are busy launching a dream, project, or career that truly inspires us, it can easily steal all of our attention; and our attention is our energy. By consciously committing entire days to anything other than this one new pursuit, we renew our energy to really give it our all when it is time to get to work.

02 | Tune Into the Body
Through yoga, dance, tai chi, hiking, or any other form of conscious movement, tuning into the beauty and wisdom of the body can help relax the mind. The cerebral side of us that adores dreaming, planning and creating can wait for a moment; it isn’t going anywhere. Take some time out to recharge by reconnecting with the body.

03 | Reset with the Breath
We do not have to wait for a day-off to re-center ourselves. It is possible to reset in a matter of seconds simply by tuning into the breath. There are numerous formal breathing techniques we can consider, but resetting with the breath can be as simple as taking a minute to watch the natural flow in and out of the lungs.

04 | Disconnect to Reconnect
Take some time away from technology. While the Internet, social media, and a wide array of apps are incredible tools for getting things done, they can also be incredibly draining. Set aside, at minimum, one hour of wifi-free time each day to free up your attention for other things that matter.

Sometimes we need to step away from what we love in order to help it flourish. This time away also helps to show us that we are far more than the work we put out into the world; our inner world is a vibrant, rich landscape that also requires our tender love and care; by tuning into it, all things blossom.

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