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Change is an inevitable and an inescapable part of life. We are constantly bombarded with new things, ideas, and circumstances that challenge us all the way to our core. It is the source of much anxiety for the young, old, rich, poor and everyone in between. The good thing is that we get to choose how we respond to the expected and unexpected events in our life. This is how you accept the challenge and move through change:


Your initial or subsequent reaction to life altering news is what sets the tone for the experience that lies ahead. Often times our natural reaction is to panic, think of all the what ifs and immediately begin to obsess over every possible outcome. Rein in your thoughts and redirect your perspective. Give yourself permission to choose peace. You may not have all the answers or the slightest clue what to do next but take a second and breathe. Some of the most seemingly tragic, devastating or simply unexpected circumstances are the ones that grow us in the most amazing ways. Trust the process—good things are coming. Find your peace in the midst of the storm and rest in it.


Making a plan is a key part to getting through tough transition times. When something out of your control happens, do your best to get an idea of what you need to do in response to it. When your life is in a tizzy it may help to organize your thoughts. That could mean you make a note to update your resume or make a list of people to call who have had similar situations. Or it may behoove you to take some time and reflect. Sometimes a change requires us to sit in silence, clear our minds and start fresh. Knowing when to let things unfold naturally is an essential part of maintaining peace. Plan when you can and release control when you cant. Find the balance.


The unexpected-knock the wind out of you-flip you upside down type of change is an unfortunate part of life. Getting fired from a job, having an undesirable life circumstance occur or even the little things that go awry when executing a change that you wanted, are mentally, physically and emotionally draining. But it is important to remember that your perspective matters. You get to choose what defeats you. It is you and you alone who determines how a season of your life impacts the big picture or if one page of your book alters the ending of your story. This is where you rise. When you are staring doubt, failure and the unknown right in the face—you get to reject defeat.

You will undoubtedly face change in big ways and in small ways all throughout your life. Some changes will be unexpected and some heavily planned for, some easier than others. No matter what the circumstance, do not allow yourself to be held up by change. You must move through change purposely, intensely and fearlessly.

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